Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Distance Learning - A New Frontier for College Students

As technology changes, so does education. Distance Learning has long been looked down upon as a sort of disreputable method of getting a degree, but thanks to advancements in the field of education technology, it's just as valuable as traditional classroom learning. Similarly, distance learners now enjoy a higher profile in the employment world. Because of this, many colleges and universities now offer online courses in a broad variety of subjects.

When taking a course in distance learning, materials can be accessed online. At Centennial College, the virtual classroom is simple enough to run that anyone with a basic laptop or PC can access it. The program isn't done in isolation, either, as students can communicate with each other online, and for a virtual network of support. Similarly, tutors and instructors can be accessed any time through email, or even by phone.

Distance learning courses can be taken for several different reasons, depending on the interests and background of the individual taking them. They can be a hobby taken by a learner that simply want to pick up new life skills, or by a working professional who’s looking to upgrade and enhance their career. This is where that flexibility comes in handy, as study time in distance learning can be balanced along with a day job, ensuring a manageable work-life balance.

This is not to say that each course is easy, though. The great benefit of distance learning is that aforementioned flexibility of when you study, but study you must, since you’ll still have to schedule time in your week to hit the books, be they physical or virtual. There’s also still strict assessment requirements, and students may find themselves having to travel to the school itself to take their exams.

Distance learning in Toronto at institutions such as Centennial College allows a would-be student access to all the benefits of a practical college education, eliminating the time, money, and life reorganization needed to come to campus. Despite the shifting reputation of online education, a way to ensure that education is useful and relevant is to take it from a school like Centennial that already serves as a well-regarded day college. That way, you can rest assured that you’re getting an easily-accessible version of that same great education, in the convenience of your own home, on a schedule that benefits you. Fitting, since one of Centennial’s missions is to eliminate barriers to success. You should still be able to learn, despite any issues with life commitments, finances, or time you might have.

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