Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Few Popular Misconceptions About College Education

Between the media, guidance councillors trying to put motivation in you, and general lack of knowledge, a high schooler heading into a College Degree Program can walk away with a few misconceptions of college, chiefly that it some sort of hostile environment, full of nothing but roadblocks. I won't sugarcoat one thing: It'll be tough, and you'll be a different person coming out of it than going in as a result. But there's a few things the average high schooler gets wrong about getting your Toronto degree, things that are less difficult and rigid than you may think.

Myth: Every class you miss brings harsh penalties
A big shock that hits a high schooler upon entering the post-secondary world is just how little attention is paid to where you are. There's no longer any penalty for missing a class. Unless it's a tutorial, attendance isn't being taken. In truth, there aren't any formal academic penalties for missing classes.

On the other hand, there's a more difficult angle to this now. No one's keeping track of you, so it's up to you to keep track of yourself. Yes, you won't be penalized formally for a class you skip out on, but you need to be aware that it's an important lesson that you missed out on. If not that, then maybe a due date for an assignment was revealed, or your instructor revealed topic that will be on your final. Either way, it's your risk now.

Myth: The structure of the program is even more rigid than high school
By structure, I'm referring to class times, deadlines, and scheduling. And this one is just false. If anything, structure is looser. In college, classes can be moved, cancelled, extended, or cut short at any time for any reason. Of course, most instructors and schools will avoid too much upheaval, but it's still more common than in high school. And if you're late for class, no one's going to lock a door, or ask you to get a late slip from the office. Of course, you may get some dirty looks coming in late, and constantly asking what you missed won't put you in anyone's good graces, but you needn't live in fear of the mad dash to morning class.

Myth: You're on your own
Another falsity. Just because no one's keeping track of you anymore doesn't mean no one cares. There are numerous resources present for your success in college, and it all starts with your instructors. Their email addresses will be out there, and they'll have office hours you can use. If anything, they're invested more in your future than your high school teachers. It's just up to you to seek them out instead of them finding you.

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