Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Business Intelligence is Relevant in Today’s Society

Today, enterprises are collecting vast amounts of data for the purpose of Business Intelligence. This wealth of data contains lucrative opportunities, but they are buried beneath the sheer amount of data.

Organizations are seeking Business Intelligence Report Writers who can sift through the mass volumes of data and report significant information in a clear, concise manner. The School of Continuing Education at Centennial College is now offering a hands-
business intelligence course to provide you the foundations of Business Intelligence Report Writing and produce data-rich reports that are easily accessible to the end-user. Learn real-world applications through live demos and experience how professionals solve real-world problems. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate that is recognized by the IT industry.

Get to know all of SQL Server 2012 reporting capabilities. Our Reporting Services Development and Administration course covers SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services and the powerful tools it has to offer; enhancing your ability to deliver enlightening reports in real-time. Starting from the beginning, the course will cover the installation, configuration and customization of SQL Server Reporting Services. You will be taught the best practices for extracting quality information from a database through queries and create reports through the Report Wizard and from scratch.

As time is of the essence in Business Intelligence, your reports must convey the information quickly and be readily available in a number of formats. Present information with efficiency by incorporating useful graphical elements including images, charts and gauges. Create reusable templates through the power of Tablix data regions and produce professional reports on the fly. Guarantee all end users can use your reports by making it available through the Report Server and Report Manager Web interface and in an array of formats including: Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, and XML.

Are you interested in more Microsoft SQL Server or Business Intelligence focused courses? This is just one of three new Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence courses the School of Continuing Education at Centennial College is now offering. The SQL Server Data Platform and Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2012 course series is ideal for current and prospect IT workers that use Microsoft SQL Server. This course series is valuable for professionals working with databases, Business Intelligence systems, OLAP developers, and professionals who work in Business Intelligence solutions. Your studies can contribute to the development your very own product, capable of being the core to starting a company, or benefit your current employer. If you are interested in becoming certified by Microsoft, this series helps prepare you for the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 certification exam!

Registration for SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Development and Administration, and the entire SQL Server Data Platform and Business Intelligence course series, is open! You can begin your classes as early in January. All of the courses will be held outside of business hours, allowing you to continue your studies around a busy schedule. To register for your
business intelligence program, visit the Centennial College website, select the course you are interested in, add it to your account, and proceed to the check out. Register now and start your journey to becoming a Business Intelligence expert.

Canadian College fosters Innovation

Canada has been a forefront in research innovation and it is no wonder that one of its colleges is reaching new heights with their program development. Centennial College, a large Canadian college located in Toronto, offers a diverse assortment of over 100 full-time programs, over 160 part-time programs, and thousands of part-time courses. Each class is infused with a balance of academic learning and practical training, ensuring that students can apply the theory in workplace situations.

Centennial offers students outstanding programs, many which are first of their kind and are infused with the latest industry practices. Additionally, it has institutes within the school to provide further learning, through workshops and insights, which will help students gain more knowledge and experience. Outlines below are some specific examples of how this college has made headlines nationwide with their innovative programs.

Sustainable careers
The programs include a strong sense of practicality, matching classroom teachings with real world examples. Many programs have lab practices, in-class simulations, or field placements where students can strengthen their workable skills. Most of all, the programs Centennial offers all have sustainable career outcomes, mixing the specific areas of interest with feasible business solutions. For example, hospitality courses not only include kitchen training, but management courses as well, so students can understand the operations of many hotels and restaurants. Another example is the Music Industry Arts and Performance program, where musical hopefuls turn their passion for music into a career in music creation with a focus on business and technology.

Industry partners and workplace technology
All Centennial programs are recognized by industry leaders, with accredited courses and courses serving as introduction for industry certifications. Many of these organizations continue their partnership with the college as they open their doors to students on placement and hire graduates. These organizations realize the potential of Centennial learners, through the extensive program, not only filled with practical training but with industry-specific training, using the latest tools and technology of the trade. For example, engineering students practice their skills using a computer-aided design software that mirrors the ones companies use. Another example of innovative programs is within the advanced Marketing programs, where students are the first to graduate across Canada with experience using EnvironicsAnalytics's ENVISION micromarketing software, which is well-known to the marketing and research industries.

Simulation labs on campus grounds
State-of-the-art kitchens, high-definition video cameras and screens, and dummies and advanced medical technologies are some of tools and classes Centennial offers their students to give them practical training. Hands-on experience does not only confine to internships and other field placements. Centennial brings the workplace on campus grounds and ensure every student has the opportunity to develop their workplace skills. For example, Centennial was awarded $26 million from the Ontario government for aerospace training, which will be put to good use by expanding the classroom and current hangar into a larger and more updated aerospace training and research facility.

The progress that Centennial College has made over the years since it was established not only provided the modern advancements for its institution, but also for the programs it houses. Many of the equipment, classes, and lab practice areas have been upgraded to reflect industry standards and practices. Centennial continues to be a strong leader in high education within the Canadian Colleges and strives to bring success to each student that enters.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Supply Chain and Logistics is in a High Demand

According to the Supply Chain Management Association, the supply chain management profession makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy and is critical to the competitive advantage of all enterprises. Latest research shows that SCMA members control more than $130 billion in annual spend. The standard of living we all enjoy through timely, cost-effective access to a range of innovative, high-quality goods and services is directly linked to the professional practice of supply chain management. The profession favorably influences the social and economic success of not only Canadians but citizens worldwide.

The supply chain is one of the most essential sectors of the Canadian economy, involving about 767,000 workers from a range of occupations and industries, according to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. In today’s knowledge-based economy, people who work in this area handle many aspects of strategic supply chain management beyond purchasing, including sourcing, contract management, materials and inventory management, and transportation logistics. Some of the skills that procurement departments are looking for today, include: technical abilities, superior data analysis and problem solving, and a fresh perspective to challenge conventional thinking. And, with a workforce that is quickly approaching retirement, there is high demand for younger professionals to enter in to this field.

Do you come from a background in business, accounting, project management or finance? Don’t worry, it is easy to transition to a career in logistics and supply chain management. Some occupations/job titles which you can perform include: Purchasing/Supply Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Inventory Specialist, International Logistics Manager, Materials Manager, Supervisor of Logistics, Senior Buyer, Warehouse Operations Manager, and Fulfillment Supervisor.  Positions in this area are not just limited to manufacturing and production companies. You could also work in retail, distribution, transportation, government and consulting.

Interested in how Supply Chain and Logistics work? Why don’t you check out
supply chain management program at a Canadian College? The School of Continuing Education at Centennial College offers a certificate program in Supply Chain and Logistics Management that will provide you with knowledge and skills in the full range of logistics and supply chain activities including: supply management, inventory management, logistics and transportation, quality management, and enterprise resource planning.

Winter registration is now open! This part-time program consists of courses that you can take at your own pace, outside of business hours. Perfect for the individual who is always on the go. To register online, find the part time course you would like to begin with on Centennial College’s website, and click the registration link on the course page to get started now! Empower yourself through learning for a career in logistics and supply chain management. Get the
supply chain management training you need.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Benefits of being a Centennial College Student

Whether you are a full-time student or part-time learner, being a Centennial College student has a long list of benefits. The college offers various support programs to help students develop their skills and acquire knowledge in their field and also outside of it. Additionally, the professors, students, and staff provide much needed support to help students in their career path. The advantages of being a Centennial student are highlighted below.

Wide selection of programs
Centennial offers an array of programs from various disciplines. Certificate, diploma, and degree programs are available according to students' needs. Additionally, the program formats are diverse and accommodates the busy schedules of students.

Applied practice in state-of-the-art facilities
Centennial reinforces the importance of applied learning through its lab practices, no matter which program students are involved in. Its classes have been upgraded to make workplace simulation possible, with labs equipped with the latest tools and technologies found in the industry. Students are required to build their industry skills and learn to think analytically to provide viable solutions for real-life problems.

Peer support
Centennial created various program to support student learning, including some that require a peer-to-peer network. For students who wish to have extra help with their assignments and courses, they can find Student Tutors in library and learning facilities. For those who wish to gain advice from senior students of the same programs, they can apply to be matched with a Peer Mentor who will serve as a college guide to new students. And for students wishing to improve their communication and language skills, Centennial offers the Let's Talk sessions, where a team leader initiates the discussion and enforces language-building skills within a group of students.

Skilled professors
Centennial employs the best of the bunch to teach its students. Qualified professors, with extensive knowledge and years of experience, give lectures and coach students in hands-on training. They provide industry insights as well as real examples from their personal experience. Most of all, they know how to approach students with their effective teaching styles.

Distance learning options
Centennial offers programs and individual courses for career development to its part-time learners and full-time students, wishing to learn outside of school grounds. Distance learning can provide flexibility in time and place of studies. Online options are available for those who wish to take their classes anywhere with an Internet connection.

Scholarships and Bursaries
Students have access to many scholarships and bursaries across Canada, but also to program-specific and Centennial-only financial aid. Students from each school can receive top awards, rewarding them with medals and monetary assistance. Additionally, generous donors have given support to specific students at Centennial who will meet the academic criteria and other requirements.

With an engaging and innovative school, Centennial students find themselves with many points of contact with helpful tips and resources to help in their personal and career growth. Centennial offers a wide program selection, including degree programs, and a vast array of resources to help students in learning. Visit to book a campus tour and learn more about what this college has to offer.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Information on Culture and Heritage Site Management Courses in Canada

A program in culture and heritage site management trains students in

  • Developing and implementing culture and heritage marketing strategies
  • Planning for the culture and heritage site management
  • Developing and marketing programs for fundraising, sponsorships and grants
  • Working on innovative technologies to manage culture and heritage sites
  • Identifying and resolving issues in heritage, museums and galleries

Program Details

The one-year heritage site management and culture course covers a wide range of subjects, helping students equip themselves with in-depth knowledge and skills required to efficiently manage cultural and heritage resources. These subjects are:
  • Culture and heritage management essentials
  • Financial management and planning for culture and heritage sector
  • Culture and heritage marketing and strategy
  • Grants, fundraising and sponsorship
  • Collections and exhibit management
  • Educational and interpretive programming
  • Innovative technologies in the culture and heritage sector
  • National historic site management
  • Leadership in culture and heritage sector
  • Culture and heritage in customer relationship management
  • Municipal culture planning
  • Issues in heritage, museums and galleries

The students of this program are engaged in

  • Practical management courses
  • Industry-based subjects relevant to culture and heritage sector
  • In-depth exploration of issues and cases pertinent to current challenges confronting culture and heritage organizations

Choosing the Right College

A number of colleges provide graduate-level heritage management courses in Canada. Unfortunately, not all are recognized. In addition, they are unable to offer students the exposure to the real-world work environment and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, which is a necessary condition to seek employment in this field.

Centennial College’s culture course and heritage site management program incorporates classroom learning and industry field placements, offering students an in-depth knowledge and practical hands-on experience required to work in this field. The college has partnerships with local, regional, provincial and national institutions and establishments to facilitate in-session field placements for students.

Besides, the course is taught by industry professionals who are currently practicing in this field. And the two-day-per-week industry field placement continues for 15 weeks in the second semester.

Career Prospects

The career prospects in the field of culture and heritage site management are bright. Canada has around 2,500 cultural and heritage institutions, including not-for-profit museums, art galleries, archives, aquaria, science centres, sports halls-of-frame, zoos, artist-run centres and other heritage sites that attract more than 50 million visitors annually. Not only this, the country’s historic sites and natural parks attract 60 million visitors annually.

The professionals can build rewarding careers in this field by seeking employment with local, regional, national and cross-border and possible international organizations. They can work with national historic sites, national and provincial parks, related not-for-profit arts, cultural and heritage organizations, federal, provincial and municipal cultural funding agencies, world heritage sites, arts service organizations, government departments, galleries and zoos.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will need:

  • College diploma or university degree in any discipline
  • Relevant work experience (for applicants with partial post-secondary education)
  • A proof of English proficiency

Court Clerk - Job Description and Educational Requirements

A court clerk is an officer of the court who is responsible for
  • Maintaining the records of a court
  • Administer oaths to witnesses, jurors and grand jurors
  • Authenticate the copies of the court orders and judgements
  • Processing legal documents
  • Reviewing law suits
  • Maintaining dockets of scheduled cases
  • Explaining court procedures to the parties involved in the case
  • Collecting required information by contacting attorneys and parties in cases
  • Recording court summonses, probation orders, fine information and sentencing and release documents
  • Answering questions of parties involved in cases on trial dates, outstanding warrants and court appearances
A large part of their job includes administrative activities. The professionals provide clerical support to judges for court room proceedings. However, their exact job responsibilities may vary depending upon the employment, and individual qualification and experience.

Court clerks or judicial clerks may find employment with
  • Municipal courts
  • Official examiners
  • Tribunals and boards
  • Court reporting services
  • Superior court of justice
  • The Ministry of the Attorney General
The role of a court clerk is multi-faceted and includes working judges, lawyers and other courtroom personnel. They need to obtain a thorough understanding and practical court clerk training in Toronto, in order to pursue a career in legal environment, precisely court support services. In fact, this is the minimum requirement that they need to fulfill before entering the world of work.

In addition to this, the professionals are expected to have strong communication, legal writing and interpersonal skills, as a large part of their job includes communicating with people.

Becoming a Court Clerk in Canada

A formal education in court support services can help prospective court clerks gain knowledge and skills required to work in legal environment. The program combines classroom learning, practical career-oriented assignments, and practical hands-on-learning in diverse courtroom settings, including family, criminal, municipal, small claims and tribunal court settings.

The court support services program typically runs for one year and covers a wide range of subjects including in two semesters.

Semester 1 subjects include:
  • Court Clerk Criminal – OCJ
  • Court Clerk Family 1
  • Court Monitor 1
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Current Issues in Canadian Law
  • Introduction to Word Processing
Semester 2 subjects include:
  • Communications – CTSS
  • Court Register – SCJ – Civil/Criminal
  • Court Clerk Criminal – OCJ/YCJ
  • Court Clerk – Family 2
  • Court Monitor 2
  • Clerk/POA
  • Word Processing Applications
The program also provides students with legal and practical municipal court training through attendances in municipal courts. They also get to attend tribunal, family and criminal court sessions.

Enrolment Details
In order to apply for a post-secondary program in court support services, you will need:
  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent
A number of colleges in Canada offer court support services program. However, they may not provide hands-on-learning through live courtroom sessions, which is a necessary condition to enter the world of work.

Centennial College's court support services program provides students with education and hands-on-learning that has been approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General. The graduates of this program can work as court clerks, court monitors and reporters.

Building a Career in Childrens Entertainment Industry

Children's story writers develop fictional and non-fictional, educational and entertaining stories on the subject matters based on interests of children of a particular age group or as commissioned by an agent or a publishing company. They use their literary skills and imaginations to develop themes, storylines, plots and characters for reality shows, animated movies, storybooks, cartoon films and theatre shows for children.

Story writing for children is no longer limited to creating and developing stories for children's books or print media. The children's entertainment industry is continuously evolving. Therefore, the children's entertainment writers, producers and managers must possess the ability and skills to create age-appropriate stories and produce them in appropriate media.

A post-graduate program in children's entertainment - writing, producing and managing can prepare you for a career as a highly-skilled children's content writer and producer. Although there are no formal education requirements for building a career in this field but this program can put on the right path.

You can not only hone your creative writing skills but you also gain business skills and production management practices for development of children's content for various media - television, books, mobile, games, education products and films.

Career Prospects

The children's entertainment industry offers career opportunities in the fields of story writing for kids, project management, content management, licensing and merchandising, project development, children's television production and children's film production.

Typically, they are employed with film production houses, game development companies, education products development companies, radio channels, newspapers, magazines and online media companies.
The common work activities include:
  • Writing stories for children
  • Developing plots, themes and storylines
  • Editing and reporting
  • Rewriting and republishing
  • Producing films or documentaries using pre-written stories
  • Making characters and stories believable
More specific job responsibilities depend on the job title, type of employment, nature of business and work experience. Graduates of this program can also take up freelance writing assignments or establish an independent television production business.

Centennial College's children's children entertainment - writing, production and management program is a one-of-its-kind program that prepares you for a rewarding career in this industry. The post-graduate three-semester program combines classroom learning, working on on-site professional software, hands-on-practical learning and field placement.

It helps students in developing skills in writing for children's media, team building for creative production, the legal and regulatory aspects of children's media, marketing children's entertainment products and licensing and merchandising.

Formulated by some of the most respected contemporary writers, producers and leaders in children entertainment industry, the program intends to help students gain a thorough understanding of their audience in both domestic and international markets. Students are taught to adopt a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to their careers.

Enrolling in Children's Entertainment - Writing, Production and Management Program
In order to apply for this program, you will need to
  • Submit a college diploma or university degree in any discipline
  • Submit an up-to-date resume
  • Complete a writing assessment test
The college also considers applicants with partial post-secondary education (minimum two-years) and relevant work experience in a related field.