Thursday, December 4, 2014

Post Graduate Programs: The Next Step in Your Career

If you're in your last year of your Undergraduate Degree Program in College, with your exams, final assignments, and graduation looming, you could find yourself too busy to take a moment to ask yourself a very important question: “What now?” What does your post-graduate life look like? Do you have the skills and focus needed to land that dream job? Or do you think you need a little bit more? If you're looking to specialize your existing education, or even refocus into another subject area, a post graduate program may be for you. Postgrads are short, running about a year in length, and focus on the nitty-gritty ins and outs of a specific career.

Post graduate programs are tailored to build on what you learned at the undergrad level.

This means they're designed to deepen your knowledge of a specific segment of your chosen career. When taking that course, you will have time to deepen that understanding, as well as network with professionals, and gain practical experiences through internships and placements. You're building on your already-secure foundation to gain that extra inch of employability. Another reason a student may take a postgrad is to change the focus of their career path without a need for a lengthy and expensive education to follow it up, opening up new career areas when you hit the job market.

Don't take it on a whim, though. Postgrads can be immensely useful, but a lot of work. Despite their short span, you'll require even larger amounts of discipline and time management to make it. An advantage of this is that you'll be uniquely prepared for the challenges of the working world, having essentially experienced a dry run of that world while still in school. Indeed, you may find yourself approaching this program completely differently. You're taking it because you need something out of the school, shifting the balance of power in your favour.

But it's a two-way exchange. The education is important, but to get the most out of it, you must ensure that you put effort into it, and proactively pursue the networking and job opportunities that may present themselves. It's only a year, long but you need to know what to do with that year if you want to improve your employment prospects. It'll be a challenge, but a worthy one to get a leg up in the job market. If that sounds appealing to you, have a look at what schools like Centennial College have to offer, and cut ahead of the job-hunting crowd.

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