Thursday, October 17, 2013

Business Administration – Marketing students get competitive with various training techniques

While many people would associate a marketing with promotions and advertising, the Business Administration – Marketing (2403) program at Centennial College encompasses different techniques from sales to market research to branding. The three-year business marketing program is filled with courses, competitions, and activities that enhances student learning.

The first three semesters contain the rudimentary classes that will support specialized and advanced courses in later semesters. Students can look forward to case analysis, financial calculations, product development, marketing research. Here are some course-related benefits:
  • In addition to the Ontario College Advanced Diploma, students will graduate with an ENVISION training certificate. The new Consumer Analysis course will teach students on how to operate the ENVISION program to help create marketing campaigns. ENVISION is created by analytics company Environics Analytics and is widely used in the marketing sector.
  • Centennial’s marketing graduates can competitively vie for job opportunities using their ENVISION training certificates. They are the only ones in Canada to graduate with ENVISION training
  • Critical thinking and creativity are enhanced as students learn how to develop marketing plans. Students will implement with their product innovations using strategies and tactics they devised. They will use their academic training and apply them to a realistic situation when launching a product into the market.
Centennial College has more to offer its Marketing students. Aside from the significant courses and the knowledgeable professors who teach them, the college has other events like OCMC that will enhance student learning in a practical way. Centennial has taken part in various business competitions in the past, including the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) Marketing Case, Vanier College BDC Case Challenge, and The Great Canadian HR/Business Student Conference and Case Competition --- all of which had Marketing students in the teams.

While these prestigious events and celebrations has brought much festivities to Centennial, these business students know how to give back to their community. Centennial College has always prided itself with teaching its learners about global citizenship and the importance of social good and sustainability.

Business students of the Business Administration – Marketing program at Centennial College have proven themselves to be powerful forces in the Marketing world. Their business marketing training in Toronto has enforced the principles and applied techniques of marketing, while emphasizing on Centennial’s values within the global citizenship realm.

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