Thursday, October 17, 2013

Creativity, passion, and teamwork - Recipes to Culinary Management success

A blend of precise proportions of the right ingredients will make a delicious dish. In the case of your culinary career, the right attitude, industry knowledge, and sufficient training will create a sweet mixture of success. Whether you enjoy eating, preparing foods or overseeing the operations, the culinary management program at Centennial College will whet your appetite. The college’s Culinary Management - International (1811) program is designed for food enthusiasts who want learn about different food cultures while producing a fruitful career thereon after.

The culinary management program in Toronto is divided into four parts, with each semester totaling into a fusion of academic training and hands-on experience. Students will encounter the following courses in their journey for the Ontario College diploma:

  • Every college student will need to have life’s valuable teachings and come out prepared to enter the working world with adult levels in English, math, and computer skills. Students will take the appropriate English level course. However, culinary students have a special math and computer course, specifically targeted for their field, where relevant mathematical calculations and computer programs will be practiced.
  • There are several foundation courses to teach students about the principles of food, its history, and best handling practices. These include: Culinary Skills - Foundation and Development, Principles and Practices of Nutrition for Culinarians, and Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene.
  • As students move through the semesters, they will encounter progressive learning outcomes from a number of courses, not only directly related to the culinary arts but its business side as well. A big portion comes from the Cuisines course series where students will sharpen their skills and techniques in preparing foods from around the world: Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East, Southern Asia, the Americas, and South-East Asia. In addition, further hands-on training is delivered through the Restaurant Practicum: Kitchen/Dining Room course, where students work with each other to create new and creative dishes.
  • An exciting and challenging field placement will top all of your hands-on campus training. The Culinary Placement program is designed for on-the-job training in the culinary industry. With 32 hours of real-life job exposure, students will get a head start in their career development.
All of the hard work from the Culinary Management – International program training will pay off with your dedication to the culinary arts. Each culinary management course gives students the knowledge, skills, and training required for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry straight after college. However, students must use all of these as part of the big picture. In combination with one’s creativity, passion, and teamwork, a unique fusion of culinary delights and a positive work environment will be made possible. Centennial College’s program never fails to satisfy its critics, with its state-of-the-art cooking labs, industry-trained professors, well-structured courses, and an environment of diversity and inclusion.

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