Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bring out your inner child through the Childrens Entertainment Writing, Production and Management program

Children’s entertainment has evolved throughout the years with digital animation, reality shows, and cartoons and shows that are streamed outside of television. Keeping up with story writing for children can be challenging as today’s media and entertainment landscape changes and brings in new rules on content for children.

A graduate certificate program called Children’s Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management (6424) is based on the creative, business, and ethical issues surrounding storytelling and media production for children. Centennial College offers this three-semester program on children’s entertainment in Toronto at the Centre for Creative Communications, a place where creative minds hone their artistic skills while learning about sustainable careers in competitive fields, such as the Canadian entertainment industry.

Here is an outline laying out the milestones in the program:
  • The first semester begins with an academic approach on learning basic media production processes such as licensing and merchandising, and understanding child development in order for students to create appropriate stories for specific kids age groups.
  • Suzanne Wilson, Program Coordinator and TVOntario’s Acquisitions, Children's Media Content & Programming specialist, describes the second semester: “We’re actually doing hands-on projects: shooting some shorts, learning to work with visual media, learning to edit, working on your writing portfolio, working on marketing plans, and putting together strategies for viable projects.”
  • As students reach the climax of the curriculum, they prepare for the working world by completing a portfolio and undertaking on-the-job training at an employer in the children’s media and entertainment industry.Learning how to produce rich and valuable content for children’s entertainment needs mentorship and guidance from industry leaders to stir students in the right direction. Wilson leads the program’s faculty members in enriching student learning. The professors range from an Early Childhood Education expert to a Marketing executive for kids entertainment to a story editor at children’s television networks. Here are more reasons on why you should choose the Children’s Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management program at Centennial College:This is the first and only program in Canada that focuses on producing children’s media content. Therefore, you will gain specialized skills in this field, have better job prospects, and gain competitive advantage over other jobseekers in children’s entertainment.
  • The program keeps up-to-date with industry trends and policies through its program advisory committee, which consists of industry experts in children’s media houses.
  • Graduates can choose from a wide array of opportunities upon graduation, revolving around the children’s entertainment industry. Here are some occupations they can delve into: Content Manager, children’s TV Producer, Marketing Specialist, Creative Writer, and New Media Specialist.
The innovative Children’s Entertainment Writing, Production and Management program creates an atmosphere of fun, child-centric productions with business aspects in mind. Story writing for kids has never been as exciting until Centennial introduced this new program to Canada. Now, graduates can easily dive into the children niche in the entertainment industry and produce content, not only for television, but for online and new media channels as well.

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