Monday, August 17, 2015

Three Benefits of Becoming an Early Childhood Educator

A career as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) is one that is both rewarding and fun. You will find that you’re career is truly unique. It’s unique in the sense that your office is a playground, a playground of not only endless play for the children who are in your care, but also a playground of endless learning.

The early childhood program swap the suit and tie for crayons, sandboxes, paint, toys and juice stains and not one would ever change their work environment because this setting, whether it be a daycare or a elementary classroom, is where not only the children thrive, but where the ECE thrives as a teacher.

The children who are in your care look to you for guidance, nurturing and affection; to them you are their learning resource.

Focus on Shaping Young Minds

You will be learning how to approach children with respect and consideration. That behavior will be reciprocated to you and the children will learn that they have value and worth. This will help build an environment open to knowledge.

The children will feel comfortable in your care, giving not only them ease, but their parents as well. The children will feel comfortable to express themselves through play, which will in turn help them learn and grow.

Children see endless possibilities when they create with open-ended materials. Learning becomes an innate part of their experimentation. Children learn concepts of math, science and language through their discoveries.

Educators know of the importance of children learning and absorbing, the education is the most vital at the ages of zero from five years old. Under their teachings and guidance, children from all backgrounds and diverse abilities, grow and learn through acts of play and socialization which helps them prepare for their educational career in the years to come.

For the Love of Children

Children always have a look of wonder in their eyes. The world is a big place for them and they are more than ready to explore. The workdays get a little brighter, minds get enlightened by the day and the love for your career continues to blossom. One must love children and all of their differences, be it characteristic differences or physical differences. One must want to make an impact of the lives of these young people and make a difference with lasting value.

It’s a messy job (paint stains, markers on your hands, sand in your hair, the list goes on.) You might want to bring a change of clothes, literally. But the small mess is worth the rewards.

Working in a Supportive Environment

Another perk about being in the Centennial ECE program is the supportive environment surrounding you. From administrators who are helping you grow as a teacher, to your peers who you will constantly be learning from, to the children you inspire, to the parents that you ally with as a nurturing figure to their little one.

The environment is always one that is positive, friendly and motivating.

Fast facts about the field in Canada

  • The number of children 0-5 years has increased,rising from 2,093,000 children 0-5 years in 2009 to 2,230,000 in 2012.
  • The 0-4 age group has been growing at the highest rate in 50 years (11% since 2006).
According to

Sounding like a career of interest? Wondering what background knowledge you’ll need?

The School of Community and Health Studies at Centennial College is highly respected, as it will teach you to take responsibility for observing the needs of children and create well-planned and stimulating programs suited to meet their needs.

Facilitated from Progress Campus, the Early Childhood Education program is a hands-on offering that will include real-world experience at Centennial College’s two early childhood education centres. Used as lab schools, these centres will allow you to experience and understand high quality childcare.

Let Centennial help you get into a career, not just a job, that you will love. One that not only will be rewarding to you, but rewarding to your community at large.

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