Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Day in the Life of an Automotive Service Technician

An automotive service technician Canadian Tire will work a normal eight hours a day along with occasional weekends and evenings. Typically working in a motor vehicle dealer, garage or service station, the workday is always busy with duties to complete.

The technician will begin his or her workday by reviewing work orders and discussing the tasks at hand with the supervisor. When reviewing what needs to be fixed on the vehicle, the technician may find that several checks need to be conducted.

The technician will begin by changing, repairing or replacing parts and components of automotive systems including fuel, brake, steering and suspension systems, transmissions, differentials, drive and shafts, emission control and exhaust systems, engines and electrical, cooling and climate control systems by using hand tools and other specialized automotive repair equipment.

A technician may also find themselves painting and sanding vehicles, running tests or performing scheduled service maintenance, such as oil changes, lubrications and tune-ups.

The working environment is usually loud and nosy and technicians will find their days physically demanding as the work on different types of automotive everyday from hatchbacks and sedans to sport cars to antique vehicles.

Depending on the vehicle and the type of work that needs to be done, the technicians will require heavier machinery and they may spend hours welding or hammering dents out of a car door.

Whether a motor vehicle dealer, garage or service station, you will usually find an apprentice working alongside an experienced technician. Most of the time, the apprentice is completing a program component. Once the program is completed, the apprentice is likely guaranteed full-time work. In efforts to get the right education to work in the field, many opt to take a 32-week Automotive Service program. Centennial has partnered with Canadian Tire to offer the certificate program that combines in-depth classroom and hands-on lab training with a four week on the job work placement experience.

Automotive apprenticeship Canadian tire appeals to people who like hands-on tasks and who get satisfaction from challenging physical labour. Many are problem solvers and quick thinker who love being in an environment that allows them to fix what was once broken.

According to Stats Canada, given the growth in the motor vehicle fleet and aging population, the number of automotive service technicians should increase over the next few years. The field is looking promising, will you be apart of the automotive MAP Centennial program?

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