Monday, August 10, 2015

Five reasons to train as a truck and coach technician

Not interested in actually driving a big rig but you’re mechanically inclined? Opportunity knocks for technicians in this rapidly expanding industry.

Almost everything you see around you travelled by truck at some point in its journey to get into the hands of consumers. Even by air or water, shipments must first be transported to processing plants, warehouses and stores, all by truck. It’s a critical and fast-moving industry, and here’s why you should consider becoming a Truck and Coach Motive Power Technician:

1. There is no shortage of trucks that will need fixing – With more than 650,000 trucks on the road, servicing will always be needed for things like regular wear and tear, motor vehicle accidents, and federal safety requirements (which means routine inspections). And according to Workopolis, there’s been an increase in demand for service technicians over the last year by more than 130 per cent. Career prospects are looking good!
2. Technicians can have great work-life balance – Unlike their truck-driving counterparts, who sometimes have to sacrifice a lot due to the time spent on the road, technicians keep regular and stable work hours. This means they don’t have to worry about putting strain on family or other relationships, can pursue interests and hobbies outside of work, and can build a life in a permanent location.
3. There is opportunity for career progression and advancement Truck and coach technicians have the opportunity to obtain Red Seal endorsement on their trade certificates, which is the Canadian standard for excellence in the skilled trades. This means technicians can work anywhere in Canada and have greater career prospects than those not endorsed. Other opportunities include the ability to rise up into management positions or become shop owners.
4. Foundational and in-depth training can be completed in just two short years – Our program gives you the ability to gain significant and thorough understanding of structural, mechanical, electrical and electronic vehicle systems and components in a short amount of time. This means you can get working in the industry as quickly as possible.
5. You never wanted to sit behind a desk all day, anyway – You’re the type of person who enjoys figuring things out and understanding how they work. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty; in fact, you love it! You’ll never grow roots to a chair because you’re under a hydraulic platform or half inside a diesel engine.

So in an industry that’s booming, and a field that can give you maximum work-life balance and enormous opportunity, why not go for it? You’ve got nothing to lose and can start this September. Enroll today to become a Truck Technician in Toronto!

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