Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Five Myths about the Trades

Do you enjoy being around cars? Would you rather work with your hands as opposed to being in front of a computer all day? Have you considered Centennial’s (Automotive) Motive Power Technician – Technical program?

Undoubtedly, the trades are a booming field. With continuous job growth, it’s no wonder the field is in such high demand. Just think about it, skilled trade workers have an impact on our daily life. For instance, automotive technicians diagnose, analysis and repair our vehicles. They help get our transmission fixed, check our oil and correct our brake, all of which help us drive safely.

Those who have chosen to pursue a career in the trades are valuable to our communities, yet those who choose to pursue an apprenticeship often fall victim to a number of myths surrounding the profession.

But that is all they are just myths, not reality, so let’s break a few here.

Myth #1: Skilled trades are for students who get poor grades

This seems to be the most popular misconception that faces those who have joined the trades. However, quite the contrary is true. Trade workers have strong academic foundations in reading, writing, math and science.

Myth#2: University is the only path to a good career

University is not the only path that one needs to take to ensure a promising career. Applying for an apprenticeship through the college will ensure you a good future in a high demand area with good pay and an opportunity to travel. Once certified, trade workers can move up and work as managers or supervisors.

Myth#3: Skilled trades are dirty, noisy and physically demanding

Yes, the trades can be physically demanding and the environments are certainly more diverse than that of an office, however, those who have chosen to work in the field find the work rewarding and get a great deal of satisfaction from working in a hands-on tasks.

Myth#4: Jobs in the trades are dead end jobs

The trades offer many opportunities to advance your career from supervisor, to management to even the possibility of owning your own business.

Myth #5: Women don’t have the physical strength to perform skilled trades

Another common and unfortunate misconception. Physical work does not solely imply strength. In fact, skilled trades require dexterity, stamina, good hand-eye coordination and balance – all attributes that women equally possess along with men.

If you are passionate about working with new technologies and are a hands-on learner, then the trades might be for you. Apply for an apprenticeship and see the benefits of trades work. You will be receiving hands-on training from your instructors, mastering life long skills and you will also be minimizing your student debt, pretty awesome right? Check out Centennial Automotive Technician program.

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