Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Benefits of a Summer Postgrad

Perhaps you've graduated college already, and want to focus your education further. Or maybe you've been in the job market for a few years, and are looking to enhance your personal brand with some further accreditation. Either way, if you're thinking of taking a postgrad, there's another potential advantage to consider. Several graduate programs in Toronto, such as the ones at Centennial College, have the option of a January start, with the second semester stretching into the summer. Anyone that comes from a traditional high school background probably has an almost instinctive fear of summer school, but this sort of unconventional start and finish date can benefit a student in a few different ways. Here's how.

An empty campus makes student life and education easier
While unconventional education is rapidly becoming the norm, summer students in college are still in a minority, which means they'll learn at college campus that's far emptier than usual. Far from being a drawback, there's several advantages to this. For one thing, if you're driving in, there's far less traffic to worry about, and parking comes easier. On campus, if you need study space, it's everywhere. College is already a more intimate, personalized setting, but during the summer semester, that's maximized, with every teacher knowing who you are, able to custom-tailor your education, and you having a dedicated support network of students around you due to the smaller class sizes

It lets you get a jump on the job market
Monster, Forbes, and other sources peg two major seasons as the largest time for professional hiring: September/October, and January/February. The timing of a summer continuing education program's graduation means you're in the perfect place for your job hunt to hit these two windows. Graduating in August lets you get a jump on the fall hiring season, and given that most students will be in school January/February, you have lone access to that time as well if you missed the first window.

The summer weather makes life less stressful
Marc Jean took a postgrad at Centennial College's Story Arts Centre, and one of his fondest memories there was after class, or on his breaks. He used to have lunch downtown with his classmates every Friday. Such a scene could only happen during a summer semester, and it enhanced his educational experience as both a stress-buster and an activity to look forward to. Moments like that are what a summer postgrad can give you.

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