Tuesday, August 19, 2014

English Language Programs in Canada

The General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes program is designed for students who wish to build English language skills for applying for college or university education programs. It is a full-time, post-secondary intensive program, emphasizing on effective academic communication skills by focusing the key areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The English language program is the right choice for those who wish to :

  • Earn a general education credit in level 3
  • Achieve the level of English needed to enter most college programs in Canada
  • Build English language skills necessary for a career in Canada
  • Develop academic study skills

The length of the program depends upon the existing English language skills of students. The program has three levels and the students are placed into one of three levels depending upon the results of a placement test that they write. Each level lasts for one semester.

What Does the Program Cover?

In the first semester of the program, the emphasis is placed on building Basic English language skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. The second semester covers ESL reading techniques, guided writing in English, speaking up, skills for student success and the Canadian context. The third semester of an English language course includes reading college-level texts, approaches to English composition, communicating in the classroom, academic life and a wellness approach to stress management.

The program incorporates tutoring, workshops, conversations in groups, computer labs, the library and counselling. Students are also provided with the academic advice for a smooth transition to college or university programs.

How to Enroll in an ESL Program Toronto?

Students interested in an ESL program Toronto need to submit an application form to the college along with Ontario secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent or mature student status. All students applying for this program will also need to complete a specialized English placement assessment to determine English for Academic Purposes program placement.

Non-Canadian or international students will need to score minimum scores of 395, 30 and 3.0 in TOEFL (paper-based), iBT and IELTs (overall) respectively for being able to apply for this program. Students must remember that this program is not for absolute beginners.

Where to Enroll?

Numerous Canadian colleges offer post-secondary ESL programs. Unfortunately, not all are accredited. Centennial College’s General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes is accredited by Languages Canada, which means it has met rigorous standards in terms of curriculum, teacher qualifications and administration.

The program not only focuses on helping student develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through classroom lectures, but it also incorporates communicative activities, interactive exercises, presentations and group work.

The classes are held for five days a week for intensive, post-secondary study in all areas of communication. The students are also made aware of the Canadian academic environment. In addition to this, they also have access to college open labs and resources and can use multimedia ESL software in scheduled lab classes with lab monitor for support. After the successful completion of Level 3, the students receive an Ontario College Certificate.

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