Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Career Advice for Aspiring Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacists are more in demand even in tough economic times. And the demand is expected to increase further in the coming years. The reasons include expansion of healthcare industry, aging population and patients’ expectations for better care and quick service.

If you’re also drawn to the idea of building a rewarding career in this field, preparing, dispensing and compounding medications, interacting with patients and healthcare service providers, and managing pharmacies, a program in pharmacy technician can be the best option for you.

Pharmacy technician programs prepare you for fulfilling careers in corporate, hospital, community and chain pharmacies. By the end of the program, you’ll be well versed in pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations, inventory control, institution and community dispensing and industry safety and quality standards, policies and procedures.

Career Advice

Here is the career advice for aspiring pharmacy technicians.  

  • Consider if you have the right attitude and attributes to become and work as a pharmacy technician. Education plays a crucial role but the right attitude is equally important. As a pharmacy technician, you’re expected to pay great attention to the detail. You will be responsible for the damages caused to the patients or anyone in question if you make any mistakes as one wrong act can have serious health implications on your customers.
  • You will have to study science in your high school. Mathematics is another core subject that you should study at school level. Proficiency in English is one of the main criteria for building a career in this field in Canada because as a pharmacy technician you will have to constantly communicate with the doctors, patients and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Once you complete your secondary education, look for a reputable pharmacy technician course. Enroll yourself in a program that incorporates hands-on lab, internships with pharmacies in community, corporate and hospital settings. Centennial College’s two-year post-secondary program in pharmacy technician is one of the most prestigious programs in Canada. The curriculum is based on the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) competencies. In addition, the college provides students with three field placements. 
  • Study the subjects covered in your pharmacy course carefully and in-depth. Along with acquiring knowledge in prescription and non-prescription drugs, anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique principles, and pharmacology, it’s important to focus on understanding ethics in business, home health care, institution communication and operations, and pharmacy management. Graduates with strong technical and non-technical knowledge and skills have greater chances of finding decent paying jobs.
  • Register with the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), in order to practice as pharmacy technicians in the state of Ontario. For this, you can follow the pathway shown by the college to registration and meet the requirements as a graduate of a Canadian-Accredited Pharmacy Technician program.
The industry field placements allow you to gain hands-on experience in diverse real-world settings. You also gain valuable contacts that you can use as references in future to find work. The mantra of a successful career as a pharmacy technician is to enroll in a reputable college and build strong theoretical base and gain experience through industry field placements.

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