Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Becoming a Software Systems Developer

Software systems designers, also known as system architects, are responsible for defining the architecture, modules, interface, components and data for a software system or web application, in order to satisfy the specific requirements of a client or an organization. They work as consultants and focus on understanding the requirements of their clients for a new system, network or application. They, then, work on the feasibility of the suggested conceptual design and draw a detailed design document, indicating various components that are to be involved in a system.

Software systems designers or developers are involved in the entire process from systems theory to design conception, feasibility assessment and product development. They work in collaboration with systems analysts, programmers and software testing professionals during various phases of a product development life cycle. In broader perspective, they are basically responsible for defining and developing software systems to satisfy specified requirements of users.

Employment Options

Systems designers are typically employed with software firms, IT consultancies, telecommunication firms, engineering firms, and big manufacturing and commercial organizations. They can also be self employed. However, more often self employment is considered after several years of experience.

Computer or systems software development is a continuously growing industry, with no signs of slowing down in years to come. Moreover, North America has a critical need for highly specialized software designers. Therefore, the career prospects in this field are brighter than ever and the chances for finding decent paying employment are higher. It can be said that the current is the best time to build careers in software development.

Although the industry offers excellent employment opportunities to IT graduates but a cut throat competition prevails in the job market. Employers are looking for highly qualified and experienced professionals who can help them sustain and grow in ever changing technological environment while constantly driving innovation. Along with this, they are also expected to possess strong business acumen and communication skills.

Software Systems Design Program

Centennial College’s bachelor degree program in applied information sciences – software systems design can help students gain knowledge, skills and experience to build rewarding careers in dynamic and challenging technological environment. It offers them a unique blend of technical skills, business acumen and hands-on experience working on real-time projects.

The four-year degree program provides students with technical skills in
  • Software development
  • Object oriented programming
  • Website design and development
  • System analysis and design
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Database design and modelling
  • Internet programming
  • Database programming
  • Computer and human interaction
  • Architecting database solutions
  • Cryptography and information security
It also offers students additional skills in
  • Business management
  • Client communication
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Marketing of services
  • Entrepreneurship in the new economy
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Business consulting
The software systems development program also includes three software development projects, allowing students utilize their technical and business skills that they have acquired during their studies. It also incorporates a work term summer between second and third year, which helps students in gaining industry exposure while working with technology organizations.

The program graduates can choose to either pursue their careers or apply their academic rewards towards further studies at associated universities, institutions or professional associations.

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