Tuesday, May 13, 2014

College students shine in the electrical engineering field

Widely acknowledged as a reputable profession, engineering has a broad area of specialization. With the modernization of our technology age, electrical engineers are in high-demand. With a promising career, a profession in electrical engineering can be accelerated through electrical engineering courses in a community college. Graduates from this field move on to become technicians with stable and flourishing careers, and have opportunities for growth and promotions.

An interactive and hands-on program for electrical engineering can be found at Centennial College. The Electrical Engineering Technician (3822) program takes two years to complete, where the student will graduate with an Ontario College diploma and a host of knowledge and skills:
  • Students will learn to investigate and repair the electrical circuits and devices, electrical motors, and power transmissions.
  • Lectures will teach in-depth theoretical knowledge, with many of them having complimentary lab sessions, practicing on semiconductor devices, electrical circuits, and pressure and temperature control systems.
  • Industry practices and ethical code of conduct are discussed in the program. Students will learn the contents of the Canadian Electrical Code. They will also learn, analyze, and solve ethical dilemmas when dealing with information and privacy issues, and technology and the environment.
  • The mathematics course emphasizes on engineering-related mathematical calculations, including the period, frequency, and peak and average values of voltages and currents. Furthermore, students will apply these skills in advanced courses as they practice their techniques in engineering labs.
  • A popular industry program called AutoCAD, will be introduced to students. The standard and the electrical versions of the software will be used, where students will spend 25% of the class in lectures, and 75% practicing the CAD (computer-assisted drafting program) equipment and software.
In addition to the curriculum learning outcomes, the program and Centennial has exclusive benefits to its students:
  • Centennial College offers a free peer tutoring program, with highly-knowledgeable senior students, which includes the courses in the Electrical Engineering Technician program.
  • Students are engaged by qualified professors, who are able to assist them outside classroom hours, through in-person meetings, phone conversations, and e-mail correspondence.
  • Essential employability skills are embedded in each course, where students can use these transferrable skills to any work setting in the electrical engineering field.
  • Updated labs and lecture rooms helps in student learning by providing them a place to learn and practice industry-bound skills.
  • Students learn the fundamentals in electrical engineering courses and gain extensive applied experience in analyzing and solving complex problems in the electrical engineering sciences.
Every graduating student will move on to become an Electrical Engineering Technician, working in different areas within the electrical engineering field, including power generation, maintenance and installation, servicing and repairs, sales, and electronic design technology. A good job outlook await college graduates to at entry-level positions and many have the chance for promotion towards higher engineering positions and management jobs.

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