Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hotel management program promotes hospitality undergrads to leadership positions

Hospitality and tourism graduates can upgrade their education with a graduate certificate program in management in hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Hotel management programs in Canada will help any college or university undergrads to specialize in the business aspect of the industry management principles, but Centennial College’s one-year postgraduate program is an exhilarating mixture of advanced business management courses and a relevant field placement, often where Centennial students continue to work after graduation. The Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management (1830) program explores every business facet in a hotel, resort, and restaurant setting, where day-to-day operations are analyzed and long-term goals are strategized.

Learners who are well-suited to this program are those with the tenacity to work hard for long hours and have an eye for organization. However, Centennial will choose an undergraduate with the following background who can withstand this fast-paced program:

A graduate of a college or university program in hospitality, tourism, and related area, or

A graduate of any postsecondary program who has relevant years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, or

An experienced worker with partial education but has proven to have satisfactory job exposure

A big portion of this postgrad program deals with customer service, so students will encounter various customer-centric lessons from each course, from operations to marketingto the International Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management course. Students will learn the knowledge and skills that they will demonstrate with confidence in their future place of employment. Some of the learning outcomes of the various courses are described in the following bullet points:

Leadership qualities and abilities through an interactive, real-time, online hospitality management computer simulation

The ability to balance customer requests and reservations through global distribution systems (GDS), third party Internet reservation systems, and direct-consumer online distribution

The purchase, storage, and food pairing of wine through a sensory development process by assessing the different wine styles by colour, weight, alcohol, taste, flavour, and texture

To be able to create a balanced budget and make strategic financial decisions, in order to maximize profits while keeping service and human resources in good terms

Be able to conduct damage control and respond to any emergency needs, by having a facility crisis-training program to guarantee that the best safety and security measures are in place

Each hotel management course trains students with theories that can be applied to real-life settings. Many of the classes have case analysis and experiential exercises where students can prepare plans and calculate the risks and expenses wisely and logically. Centennial College further helps their students perform at their best with knowledgeable and experienced faculty and field placements. Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management graduates can work in various disciplines in management such as Operations, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Facilities, Human Resources, Marketing, and Accounting.

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