Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Building a Career in Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry is booming, opening a world of career opportunities for students who want to build a career in travel and tourism. International travel alone accounted for 1.035 billion tourists in 2011, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Tourism has been a traditional industry until a few years ago. It emphasized on hands-on-experience and good communication skills. Nowadays, it operates in a highly competitive business environment. The professionals are required to possess in-depth knowledge about world geography, destinations, tour operations and domestic and international ticketing. Additionally, strong customer service, communication and sales and marketing skills are a must.

Travel and tourism graduates can find employment with various industries including:

-Hotels and resorts
-Travel agencies
-Private tour operators
-Leisure and recreation
-Airlines and cruise companies
-Event planning
-Cultural tourism planners

Studying Travel and Tourism in Canada

Career in tourism is much more than helping clients with visa requirements and making bookings. Most travellers require expert advice while making tour arrangements. It’s crucial for students to develop strong business and life skills along with in-depth knowledge of destinations and internet bookings to build successful careers.

Choosing the right travel and tourism degree program post secondary school is the first step in this direction. With so many colleges and instituted offering both full time and vocational tour and travel courses, it becomes quite difficult for students to choose the best from among them.

For those planning to study in Canada can opt for tourism courses in public colleges. They offer well-structured courses combining theory, volunteer opportunities and field trips. You not only get to learn about culture and heritage of different regions, but also become skilled at ticketing, accommodation and ground transportation booking, passport and visa requirements and travel security.

About Tour and Travel Programs in Canada

Students enrolling in tour and travel programs in Ontario, Canada post secondary program receive a two year diploma in just one year. Students receive training on Apollo and Sabre computerized airline reservation system.

If you’re lucky enough to get admission in a good college, you’ll be provided numerous volunteer opportunities at major events in and around Toronto. You will also get to apply your skills learned in-class in third and last semester of the program. Three-days-a-week field placement prepares you for the world of work.

Choosing the Right Tour and Travel Program

An educational program is good only when it suits your career goals. Make sure that the program you enroll in is accredited and suits your requirements. Here are a few important points that you should ask yourself before seeking admission in a tourism course:

A tour and travel course leads to many career paths. Does it meet your specific career objectives? Will it help you in entering in the industry of your choice?

Does this school have collaborations with tour and travel companies, councils or international associations? If yes, you can be rest assured to get a good industry exposure and volunteer opportunities.

What support does the college provide students for placements? After all you’re enrolling in a course to build a rewarding career.

Is this school accredited regionally, nationally or internationally?

Travel and tourism is a dynamic industry. If you have well rounded knowledge of destinations, travel requirements and possess good business and communication skills, the industry may be right for you.

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