Monday, November 18, 2013

Business savvy skills needed in the Hospitality and Tourism industry

Targeting on a few industries to tailor your career can be hard, especially if you have yet to choose your career path. However, knowing what positions and work environment you are interested in can help in choosing your career. If you are a business student at heart and enjoy the enchanting world of travel, consider combining both passions together to form a business career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Start with hospitality administration in Toronto from a reputable college that will propel your career in administration and management careers in companies dealing with hospitality services and tourism details.

The Hospitality and Tourism Administration (1805) program from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture at Centennial College indulges its students to culinary and hotel operations, with focus on marketing, human recourses, operations, and accounting. It is comprised of a wide array of courses, including on-the-job experience to put the theory in practice. Here are some of the exciting adventures offered in the three-year program:

  • Marketing courses: Graduates must be prepared to understand the planning and execution of company promotions, special events, and other marketing-related activities. The program includes several marketing courses, focusing on sales and marketing strategies of hotels and other organizations in the hospitality and tourism sector. Students will study consumer behaviours and market segmentation, which will eventually lead to a developed marketing plan.
  • Food and beverage courses: Students will learn about the health and safety practices in the food services in the hospitality and tourism industry, from kitchen and dining room practices to bartending techniques. They will also get the learn how to make drink recipes and prepare meals and desserts. In addition, the business side of food and beverage area will be examined, concerning menu planning, and customer satisfaction.
  • Communication courses: In order to excel in the services industry, communication is vital to the core of the business. Maintaining good customer relationships and coordinating with colleagues professionally will lead to a successful business operation. Report writing techniques will be taught so students can write and present industry-specific analysis.
  • Financial Accounting courses: The food and labour cost for will be examines to reduce waste and help businesses become more efficient. Furthermore, budgets and financial decisions will be explored to show how businesses in the industry run profitably.
  • Human Resources courses: Since graduates of this program can apply for management positions, students must learn how human resources are allocated since hospitality managers are highly-involved in employee development. Students will learn the process of hiring new employees, employee training and development, employee motivation and morale, and employee schedules.
  • Practical training: The Special Events Practicum class is divided into theory and practical applications to prepare students in the growing catering sector. In combination of all of the courses, students will experience a more in-depth hands-on training with a field placement in the final semesters where students will work in a hotel or travel agency setting.

For the services in the hospitality and tourism companies to thrive, business operations are required to build their foundations and maintain their functionalities. Centennial College’s Hospitality and Tourism Administration program teaches its learners of the knowledge and skills needed to operate hotels, catering businesses, travel agencies and other companies in the industry. Graduates can work in various positions, including Travel Coordinators, Marketing Specialists, Service Managers, and Event planners.

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