Monday, November 18, 2013

Building a Career in Restaurant and Catering Industry

Does the idea of clock-in and clock-out seem monotonous to you? Are you looking to build a career that offers variety? Do you want to associate with an industry where you can have the opportunity to work in diverse areas and still be employed in the same industry?

Does the idea of menu management in Toronto, food management or customer service excite you? If answer to all these questions is yes, probably hospitality industry is the right place for you. It offers you variety and breaks the monotony of nine-to-five jobs. It allows you to explore different areas of the same industry.

Hospitality industry is as demanding as glamorous it sounds. A career in hospitality can be satisfying as well as challenging. It generally involves long hours and shift work. If you are strong in fundamentals and are capable of assuming leadership roles in multi-cultural and dynamic job market, you can have an extremely rewarding career.

About a Hospitality Management Program

A hospitality management program prepares you for rapidly changing and culturally diverse restaurant and catering industry. Professors having in-depth knowledge and strong industry experience impart their knowledge and technical insights to students. The approach to education relies on rigorous classroom activities for three days and actual placement at a restaurant or a hotel for two days a week. It course allows you to put your learning into practice and gives opportunity to work on real-time assignments.

The primary focus of the program is to provide students an environment where they can understand and learn business, management and customer service skills and ethical values necessary to build a rewarding career in this industry. The course covers various aspects of restaurant operations management, such as accounting, purchasing, human resources, supervision, safety and hygiene and cost control.

Enrolling in a Hospitality Management Course in Canada

Hospitality management is a two years (four semesters) post-secondary diploma course. To apply for this course, all you need is a Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or mature student status certificate and English Grade 12 C or University, or equivalent. However if you’re unable to meet this requirement, take the English skills assessment of the college you’re seeking admission.

What Will You Study?

Students enrolling in this course will learn skills in marketing, supervision, financial management, catering, hospitality, labour cost, kitchen management and many more. The program emphasizes on helping them gain knowledge, understanding and skills in customer service, quantity food production, hospitality accounting, sanitation, safety and hygiene, food, beverage and labour cost control, kitchen management, purchasing for commercial kitchen, menu management and design, beverage knowledge and bartending, dining room management and marketing strategies.

A number of colleges in Canada offer hospitality management course in restaurant and catering. Along with theoretical knowledge, you will also gain practical experience with some of the Canada’s largest restaurant companies. The program’s business and corporate partners also hire students during or after the periods of work experience.

Those interested in higher studies can also apply for higher studies with selected institutes, universities and professional associations, after completion of the course.

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