Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Be Part of the Digital Solution as a Computer Programmer

With computers being one of the most important aspects of today’s communication systems, the Computer Programmers/Analysts who design, write, test, debug, troubleshoot and maintain the source code of computer programs have become essential. The process of dealing with source codes can be very complicated. Therefore, these programmers and analysts must be well trained.

Once they have received the right training, computer experts pursue careers as: Programmers, Software Developers, Database Administrators, Systems Analysts, and Web Applications Developers. All of these varied job titles include different duties but serve a very important purpose in the world of computers. Three popular job choices are: Software Developer, Database Admin and Systems Analyst. A database administrator, for example, designs, implements, maintains and repairs an organization’s database. This job includes developing and designing database strategies, monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. Meanwhile, a software developer is occupied in aspects that are wider than designing and coding, including some parts of software product management. He or she may contribute to the overview of the project on the application level rather than the individual programming tasks. A final popular option is the Systems Analyst position. This professional is often familiar with a variety of programming languages, operating systems and computer hardware platforms as he or she researches problems, plans solutions, recommends software and systems and coordinates development to meet business or other requirements. The tasks performed by the people in the various Computer Program/Analyst positions differ, of course. Centennial College’s program prepares you for them all.

The three-year, Computer Programmer/Analyst co-op program is ideal for those who want knowledge and the opportunity to get a foot in the door. Before admission is granted, however, applicants must present certain requirements. For example, Centennial College expects applicants to possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. They must also have completed a compulsory English 12C or U credit or skills assessment, or equivalent and Math 11C, M or U, or 12C or U credit or skills assessment, or equivalent. For more information, check out Centennial College’s Computer Program/Analyst co-op admissions page. Also, please note that possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to program.

Within the Computer Program/Analyst co-op program, students gain perspective in theory, business and the real world. A foundation in business and business communication, database administration, mathematics of finance and project management provides a solid base for the business aspect of computers. Speaking of computers, there are detailed courses on current and emerging technology, systems methodologies and programming, systems analysis and design. The program provides information on all the most important and common technologies, including: C++, C#, JAVA, J2EE advanced XML and Web services, Access, Oracle, networking and UNIX/LINUX operating systems. Many of these technologies will be in the .NET development environment. Within the program, students who are academically qualified (having completed eight out of 10 courses in Semester 1 and 2, a minimum C grade in ENGL-170/171, a Grade Point Average of 2.5 or greater) will participate in a co-op placement. Their education at Centennial College will be enhanced by working three terms as paid employees in the field. The experience not only allows them to put classroom learning into practice, but also provides valuable contacts for future careers.

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