Friday, October 29, 2010

Take on Fundraising as a Professional Career Option

Fundraising is an effort made by non-profit organizations to collect money or any form of contribution by requesting charity from individuals, business companies, governmental organizations and others to support a cause. Through such fundraising techniques, these organizations can smoothly carry out their objectives. Their concerns may range from helping disaster-hit people or supporting human rights, political agendas, humanitarian causes, education and much more. Fundraising was recently in the spotlight when natural disasters hit places such as Haiti and Pakistan.

Most non-profit organizations appoint professional fundraisers to increase the funds that will help their causes. Professional fundraisers are compensated at two levels — either by a fixed amount or on percentage basis in accordance to the funds they help in raising. There is sometimes confusion between the terms “professional fundraisers” and “fundraising professionals”. The former is a third party person who helps in raising funds and who gets paid for the job. The latter is the person who works at non-profit organizations. So, if you are interested in the work of fundraising, all you need to do is to apply at a post-secondary institution that offers a recognized certificate or degree course and reputable training that can be used in the field.

Centennial College offers a part-time program in Fundraising that covers courses such as Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Fundraising, Methods of Fundraising, Strategic Management of Campaigns, Donor Relationships in Fundraising, Fundraising as Management Process and Volunteer Management. Training in all the above-mentioned courses not only provides a wide range of information on fundraising, it also guides you to develop and increases your business skills and capabilities.

The Fundraising program at Centennial College is tailor-made for students and focuses on making you comfortable in any volunteer or fundraising atmosphere. Centennial’s seasoned staff members guide students at every step, imparting and sharing actual life experiences and solutions that will help them overcome their difficulties with ease. The program also helps you plan your projects and future fundraising needs, develop goals and strategies and promote your work through developing media and press relations.

Fundraising remains the only survival of hope of any non-profit organization and their societal welfare causes.

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