Sunday, January 18, 2015

Joint Programs Give Post-Secondary Students Double The Education

As you search for your ideal path through the world of post-secondary education, you may be confronted with the dilemma of choosing college or university, and the unique experiences offered in each. Fortunately, both institutions understand the need in the current job market for the skills the other one possess, and have offered a way for students to have it all in the form of joint programs. These specialized programs represent a partnership between a university and a college, and have students participating in a Bachelor Degree Program at the university, before heading to the college for a practical side to the education. The goal is to prevent students from missing out on any aspect of the post-secondary experience, and ensure they have a total, multifaceted understanding of the program in question.

Practical college courses
The advantage of a college education is the real job skills training contained within. A good college course will get you on your feet and out of the lecture hall, and place you in a lab or field. Instead of passively learning about the job you want, you'll instead spend your time actively doing it. You'll be participating in a dry run of the job in a safe space where mistakes are a learning experience. That way, when you go out into the world and apply for a position, you'll be able to say you've logged hands-on time actually doing the job you're applying for.

Enlightened university theory
The practical can be further enhanced by knowing the theory behind a profession, which is what the University side id for. In other words, knowing how to write is useless without knowing what to write about. College is where you learn how to do, but university is where you learn what to do, in the form of theory, rules, philosophies, and best practices. Before you get on your feet, the university half of the education fills your mind with the theory, making sure that you're confident in your moves by the time you roll up you sleeves and get to practicing your profession, sound in your stable intellectual foundation.

Double the credits
Since you're getting double the education, you'll want something physical to show for it, even though the skills acquired are a reward on your own. In Centennial College's joint programs, you get just that, receiving both a college diploma, and a university degree from the participating institution, perfect for putting on a resume. Speaking of that…

A competitive advantage
Being able to show that you have a degree and a diploma puts you in a uniquely advantageous position in the job market, since possessing both a degree and a diploma can show employers you have a uniquely mixed understanding of the career you want to participate in. And in a crowded job market, that can make all the difference.

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