Monday, December 22, 2014

Four Types of College Programs You Probably Didn't Know About

Everyone has a right to an education, no matter what your situation is. If you're looking to get your career moving, or enhance what you already have, then a college education can give you the practical background you need to succeed. But not everyone's situation is the same, and a traditional few years of college courses may not suit your needs. Fortunately, college programs in Toronto, such as those offered at Centennial College, are nothing if not flexible, and there are several alternative ways to get that education, including…

1) Fast Track
If you already possess post-secondary credits, but either did not graduate, want to change majors, or are returning to school, it's possible to finish your education in a shorter time thanks to fast-tracking. You can complete your diploma in a shorter timespan, often two semesters, while engaging in a more focused education that pays attention to the relevant skills, since you should now have a solid general educational foundation. Programs at Centennial College then lead into a field placement, designed to make you job-ready in a shorter span of time. Of course, the catch is that you must have the relevant pre-requisites before you can enter a fast-track, but if you're qualified, it's a faster way to get your career moving.

2) Joint Programs
Designed to give students a look at two different sides of education, joint programs take the practical teachings that come with a college diploma, and partner them with the intellectual foundation and creative theory that come with a university bachelor degree. A student participating in a joint program with take courses at both a college and university, and receive credit from both, giving them a uniquely blended experience they can then bring to the job market. Centennial College, for example, partners with with Ryerson University and the University of Toronto in nursing, applied microbiology, environmental science and technology, journalism, new media studies and paramedicine.

3) Distance learning
If you want an education, but your job, family, or other life responsibilities are in the way, then you can find a solution in the form of Distance Learning, designed for students who can't make the journey to class on a regular schedule, or at all. Distance learning enables students to get their education on their time and in their preferred space. And when it comes from a respected institution like Centennial, you can be sure you're receiving the same quality education in a form that fits your needs.

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