Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Different Faces of The Continuing Learner

If we're to advance our education and careers in Ontario, then we need to lose the stereotypes about continuing education and the people who attend it, because about the only trait they all share is the fact that they're 25-plus. The fact is that people from all different walks of life participate in continuing education for all different reasons. Those include, but are not limited to…

You need a job
The job market isn't kind at the moment, particularly if you're younger, and searching for employment after graduation. I know after my graduation I resisted the urge to go back to school, even as I saw my career stalling. In my mind, that phase of my life was over, and returning was taking a step backwards in terms of both my life path and my finances. I assumed what was best for me was to grit my teeth, save my money, and keep shooting out resumes. The reality is that continuing education can be an investment in the future, and aside from the additional skills you'll receive, if nothing else, the networking and field placement opportunities you can gain will let you cut to the head of the line in the job hunt, and you're wiser now than you were the first time around. And if you already have a job and you're looking to start climbing the corporate ladder, what better way to show proof of your skill with some accreditation?

You need to stay up to date
Technology is changing, and innovation continuously impacts employment in the 21st century. As things change, you'll need to keep up. Sometimes, it won't be to climb that corporate ladder, but rather to keep your spot on it. Learning is a lifelong journey, after all, and technology doesn't stop advancing as soon as you leave school behind.

You want to pick up a new skill
It doesn't have to be about your career. Learning can be a fun process, and you can opt to continue your education solely for personal fulfillment. At Centennial College, continuing education courses like French, Spanish, Auto Mechanics, Motorcycle Riding, Professional Writing, and Webisodes can be taken not by a working professional looking to upgrade, or a job-hungry post-graduate student, but by anyone looking to pick up a life-enhancing talent or ability in their spare time. And it can be in their spare time, because between weekend classes, night classes, and distance education, there's plenty of options available for a busy professional who has to juggle the rest of their life on top of this education. You can get it however you want, and fit it around your needs.

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