Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Financial Services Fundamentals Program Toronto

A financial services fundamentals program is designed for high school graduates who wish to pursue an exciting career in continuously expanding financial services environment. The objective of the program is to train students in various aspects of financial services, including selling and marketing of mutual funds and other financial instruments and help them build rewarding careers in this field.

Key Features of the Program

the post-secondary financial services program:
  • Prepares students for careers in finance: It gives them the educational qualification and skills required to seek employment in financial services. Program graduates can work at banks, credit unions, financial planning organizations and investment fund companies.
  • Includes a license to sell mutual funds: The program also includes a course leading to a license to sell mutual funds in Canada. However, the cost of license is not included in the regular tuition fee.
  • Gives access to higher education in financial services: The program offers qualified students an opportunity to continue their education into the two-year program to enhance their qualifications in one additional year. This enables them to avail more advanced career opportunities.
  • Prepares students for continuously evolving financial industry: It prepares students for more marketing-focused industry, increasingly competitive business world, and a global financial environment.
  • Equips students with additional skills: This program not only provides them with a thorough grounding in financial services fundamentals but also equips them with professional sales, marketing, and business and communication skills.
Program Curriculum

The post-secondary financial services training program runs for one year through two semesters and covers a wide range of subjects. Students are trained in
  • Financial Accounting
  • Canadian Financial Services
  • Mathematics of Finance
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Canadian Investment Funds Course
  • Professional Selling
The Canadian Investment Funds Course prepares students for a Mutual Fund License exam. Upon qualifying this exam, they are licensed to sell mutual funds, offer consultancy to clients and seek employment with registered company, including credit companies and financial investment companies.

Eligibility Criteria for a Post-Secondary Financial Services Fundamentals Program

In order to apply for this program, students will need:
  • Secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
  • Required minimum score English Grade 12 C or University, or equivalent or take college’s English skills assessment for admission
  • Required minimum score Math grade 11 M or 12 C or University, or equivalent or take college’s Math skills assessment for admission
Students currently appearing in high school can also apply for this program. Their midterm and final term scores will be automatically transmitted to the college.

Studying Financial Services Fundamentals in Toronto

Almost every college in Toronto provides courses in financial services. However, not all are worth considering. Students are recommended to make a thorough research before applying with a particular college. Their selection of college has a direct impact on the quality of education and their career.

Centennial College’s program in financial services fundamentals may be the right choice. It covers all possible aspects of financial services, including the Canadian context, professional selling skills, consultancy and marketing abilities and licensing requirements.

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