Friday, July 11, 2014

Sales/Key Account Manager – Job Description

As a sales or key account manager, you will be responsible for managing a number of existing client accounts and expanding business by acquiring new clients and cross-selling and up-selling to the existing ones. The actual work or number of client accounts varies from business to business. But it usually involves:
  •  Maintaining relationships with major client accounts
  • Explaining existing clients how new or additional services will help them achieve their business goals
  • Answering queries of clients
  • Meeting clients in person whenever required
  • Expanding business by acquiring new customers
  • Ensuring all specific needs of clients are met
  • Leading project management activities
  • Planning about how to expand business
Work Life

The job of sales account manager typically may involve travelling to meet clients. The working hours may not be fixed, as it depends on the number of meetings or tasks lined up for the day. Working on weekends may be expected as your job involves meeting clients.

As a sales account manager, you act as a bridge between the company and the customers. You are expected to meet your targets, promote existing as well as new offerings or services to clients and maintain relationships with them. On the other hand, you will also need to coordinate with your entire team working on key accounts and ensure that the work is being done on time. 

Employment Prospects

Most mid-to-large sized businesses depend on their sales account managers, in order to increase revenue. Sales account manager can find employment with advertising companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and many others.

The job prospects are always bright in this field because client acquisition and business expansion are most important functions of any organization. However, despite huge demand for such professionals the job market has become more competitive than ever.

Employers are keen on hiring individuals who have completed a sales account management program and possess relevant hands-on experience. in fact, these are basic requirements which one needs to fulfill to enter the world of work.

Key Account Management Program

Centennial College’s graduate-level key account management program provides you with the knowledge and skills required to build rewarding careers in this field. The one-year program helps you gain solid foundation in the intricacies of acquiring and maintaining relationships with major client accounts. The course combines a unique blend of in-class sessions and hands-on training.

As a student of this program, you will study a wide variety of subjects, including marketing, business communications, case analysis and marketing metrics, marketing analysis and planning, fundamentals of selling, fundamentals of project management, B2B marketing, strategic account development, sales and account management, sales force automation and technology and business ethics and negotiation skills.

The program concludes with sales and account management industry field placement, which helps you in applying your learning into practice and understand the expectations of employers. Moreover, you gain relevant industry contacts that can be used as references in future. Upon graduation, you can find employment as account executive, key account manager, sales coordinator, sales specialist, commercial sales representative, sales consultant, and technical sales representative or territory sales representatives.                 

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