Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System Mechanic Program Gives Students Experience

Experience is something nearly all employers are looking for in new hires. Many industries expect students already have had some sort of experience when applying. There are also situations in which an employer takes on a novice and expects him or her to obtain the education needed to move up in the field.

Once such field is that of the refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic. The professionals in this field can attend Centennial College's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic program if they are already working in the field. How exactly does this work? Apprentices are sponsored by their employer and obtain in-school training that is reinforced through on-the-job training that takes place with their employer. In fact, to be eligible to apply for this offering, students must be employed in the field. It is worth noting that students cannot apply directly to Centennial College or at ontariocolleges.ca. Instead, they must contact the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.

The Ministry of Training schedules students into their college sessions. Once students begin their Centennial College training, they are based at Progress Campus. As the institution's largest location, it houses one of the province's largest training centres for trades. That means the campus facilities are designed to compliment the curriculum and allow students to practice using the most modern tools of the trade.

In terms of topics covered, this apprenticeship program focuses on the range of design, installation and service techniques of heating and air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings. Because of the delivery format (on-campus/on-the-job), Centennial College only hires faculty members who have extensive, current experience in the industry. Because they are experts in the field, instructors offer students advice in terms of their careers, answer questions during and after class time, and more.

Once students solidify their knowledge in various topics, they apply what they have learned to the real world by returning to their place of employment for on-the-job aspect of the program. This allows them to experience the roles they will fill once they complete their training, which will likely be different from the roles they had been in prior to their apprenticeship. As such, they’ll obtain new knowledge, apply what Centennial College has taught them and become comfortable in various scenarios.

To receive a certificate of completion that signals they are trained to be effective in their tasks, students must successfully complete each air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic course in this Centennial College offering. Grads must also write an exam for their certificate of qualification that results in a certificate of apprenticeship from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and certifies them as mechanics.

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