Friday, July 18, 2014

Building Careers in Book Editing and Publishing

There is something special about being involved in publishing process and acquiring critical understanding of all facets of this discipline. Sitting in between hundreds of loose manuscripts, spending long hours in editing and re-editing the content and engaging in unending discussions, everything seems extremely pleasing. I'm sure most of you imagine an editor or publisher, sitting in a sea of papers. But the truth is that there is much more to publishing. The industry incorporates more than printing newspapers, books and magazines. It has evolved into electronic publishing. Technology is changing quickly and is bringing constant changes in the way the information or content is consumed. In fact, the reality is that people nowadays consume more content than ever and that too on their smart devices.

This means that the publishing industry offers more jobs than ever. And not only are those who can write good and convincing stories required but all different types of talented individuals who can handle production, marketing, design, publicity, promotion and sales also have excellent chances of getting hired.

Previously, book publishing industry was dominated by just a few large publication houses. However, nowadays, many new editing and publishing firms are budding that are involved in creating content for electronic media providing the new generation ample opportunities to be a part of the publishing process.

Building Careers in Publishing Industry

Being an avid reader or a convincing writer is no longer sufficient to build careers in publishing industry. Nowadays, it takes a lot more to seek employment in this field. Along with excellent reading, writing and listening skills, you must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, computer and social networking skills, content management skills and in-depth understanding of all facets of publishing. Regardless of the process you want to get into, you are expected to have understanding in all areas of publishing. There are certain inescapable duties that you will be expected to perform regardless of your department. A magazine publishing program can help you develop the knowledge and skills required to build rewarding careers in this field.

Centennial College's graduate certificate program in publishing - book, magazine and electronic prepares you for a wide variety of positions in publishing industry. The one-year program introduces you to various aspects of content publishing, such as writing for publication, editing, content management and production process, elements of publishing design, copyright, contracts and permissions, book editing, magazine editing, magazine marketing, book marketing and sales, applications of publishing design and publishing for screen.

The field training in the second semester complements your formal learning. You will be placed at a book or magazine publisher in Toronto, where you’ll apply your classroom learning into practice and acquire critical working experience, industry knowledge and professional relationships as you initiate your new career. During the program tenure, you will also get opportunities to take part in publishing On the Danforth magazine twice a year. The program helps you get an entry to the world of publishing and build rewarding and sustainable careers in ever-changing world.

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