Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Becoming a Software Systems Developer in Canada

Wondering how amazing is the operating system of your laptop or phone? And how awesome is this motion app in your smart phone that detects moments in the surrounding area? And how about that simple alarm clock app that wakes you up every morning?

Yes, every moment you are using some or other software application and making your life easier. Right from that simple reminder app that reminds you of the urgent work just when you need to do it to that software application that allow you to check your bank account statement within no time, every application is wonderful.

Who builds all these applications? Who is behind making your life easier with each passing day? Who is helping you control your life from your finger tips? None other than software developers! They are the ones who are behind all this. They have their fingerprints on most of the things you do.

From conceptualizing to designing, development, testing, troubleshooting and upgrading these applications, computer software engineers do it all. Of course, the end result is the most visible and identifiable component but these techies have numerous things to do as a part of their job. They check the feasibility of an idea, outline it, develop a full-fledged plan, build strategies, apply technical and business fundamentals, carryout programming, perform documentation and conduct testing before getting something out to the market.

Building a Career in Software System Design

Does this enthral you? Do you also wish to get behind the scenes and actually be a part of such a creative and technically-sound team and build something that technology users have never heard of. Are you also passionate about creating software applications right from the scratch? If yes, then a career in software system design is for you.

To seek employment in this field, you will need to develop the knowledge and skills in computer architecture, software development programming fundamentals, object oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, systems design and architecture, object oriented analysis and design, computer and human interaction, internet programming, software design patterns, emerging technologies, cryptography and information security, and database software architecture.

Centennial College’s four-year degree program in software systems development can help you gain all the knowledge and skills required to become a software developer or engineer. The bachelor of applied information sciences – software systems design also allows you to specialize in mobile application development or service oriented architecture or cloud computing, depending upon your choice.

As the program is fully accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), the degree earned reflects high standards of learning. It has been also selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to address the critical need for highly specialized software designers in the North America.

The program incorporates in-class sessions, live team and individual projects and hands-on laboratories and a work term in a real world setting, in order to help you build strong technical fundamentals and practical career-ready skills. It also offers graduates an eligibility to apply for higher studies with the selected universities, institutes and professional associations.

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