Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Financial Services Fundamentals Opens Doors to Essential Industry

Did you know that RBC employs 65,000 staff members, CIBC has 50,000 and TD has 45,000 positions? Additionally, professionals who are more skilled than traditional entry-level workers (such as bank tellers) fill these positions. Factors that have created more stimulating and higher-skilled positions include: a more marketing-focused industry, increased competition, demographics, advances in technology and a global financial environment. As such, the students currently being trained to become banking personnel also have the know-how to work in areas such as mutual funds.

At Centennial College’s Financial Services Fundamentals program, students obtain the know-how needed to enter the baking industry with an Ontario College Certificate and access to the pathway that leads to licensing required for consulting upon and selling mutual funds.

To apply for the offering, applicants must have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or be mature student status (19 years or older). Academically, applicants must have an English Grade 12 C or U credit, or equivalent or take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission; and the a Mathematics Grade 11 or 12 C, M or U credit, or equivalent or take a Centennial College Math Skills Assessment for Admission.

The quick-paced, one-year offering features a carefully measured delivery of courses by experienced faculty members who are professionals from the industry. These faculty members are available to answer students’ questions, offer professional advice, and help students to expand their professional network. The courses, meanwhile, aren’t just limited to finance and cover business, marketing and job prep topics.

Among the specific courses within this post-secondary program are: Canadian Financial Services (surveys the financial services industry structure and services provided, provides students with the mathematical knowledge and skills required in some of the courses in the Financial Services program; and more); Mathematics of Finance (through classroom instruction, students review basic algebra as it is applied to business issues and are introduced to the common practices in consumer finance as used by Canadian companies); Principles of Marketing (provides an overview of contemporary marketing, emphasizing the management of the product/service, price, promotion and distribution areas of an organization within a changing environment); Corporate Finance (students study topics in the financial management of profit-seeking organizations to develop analytical and decision-making skills in domestic and international finance, through the use of theory questions and practical problems); and more.

Graduates who wish to continue financial service training may enter Centennial College’s two-year program where, in just one additional year, they can enhance their qualifications. This additional training opens the door to lucrative careers in the broader financial services industry.

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