Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Estheticians – Job Role and Career Prospects

Estheticians are beauty and skin care specialists that help people enhance their personal appearance through a variety of cosmetic treatments, in conjunction with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other health, beauty and skin care providers. They may also be employed with spas and salons and cruise ships. They may also choose to set up their own beauty and skin care business.

Estheticians are able to perform a wide variety of specialized body and skin care treatments, supporting specific needs of clients. They have relevant knowledge of physiology, anatomy and histology, and therefore, can provide specialized esthetic treatment and services apart from facials, manicures, pedicures, and hair-removal and make-up applications. Actually, their job includes offering the right blend of beauty treatments and near-medical skin care services to clients, in conjunction with licensed healthcare providers.

Careers Prospects

A wide range of employment opportunities exist for estheticians in health clinics, spas, salons, hotels and cruise ships. Moreover, the beauty and healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Even people have become more conscious about how they look. This has contributed to the increased demand for estheticians who can not only perform beauty treatments but can also recommend the use of appropriate esthetics products, meeting specific clients needs on an ongoing basis.

Although the employment prospects are bright but job market is more competitive than ever. Employers are keen on hiring estheticians who have the ability to:

  • Evaluate skin conditions of clients and recommend appropriate treatment
  • Perform specialized skin and body care treatments
  • Use a range of specialized equipment and products
  • Comply with established industry, provincial and national standards, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Select and recommend the use of skin care products, taking into account the health status and individual needs of clients
  • Promote various beauty and skin care products
  • Communicate effectively with clients of different ages and requirements

The exact job responsibilities depend upon the type of employment and individual qualifications and experience.

Becoming an Esthetician

If you have a keen interest in esthetics and cosmetology and want to build a career in skin care and beauty industry, the first step is to get specialized education and training and get licensed. Centennial College Toronto offers a two-year post-secondary diploma program in esthetics, providing you with the knowledge and skills for spa applications, beauty and skin care and business operations. The program offers a unique blend of theory and practical experience in an on-campus students’ clinic and through field placements at the best spas in the city.

The Esthetics College has its own student clinic where you can receive hands-on training under the supervision of qualified faculty. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, incorporating physiology, anatomy, product knowledge, practical applications, sales techniques and business practice. In addition, it also covers a wide range of subjects, including Skin Care, Professional Relationships, Spa Health and Safety, Manicures and Pedicures, Waxing and Hair Removal, Product Chemistry and Advanced Ingredients, Make Up, Spa Business and Skin Care Practices.

You learn to apply the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, customer service and business operations to serve diverse population needs. Last but not the least; the program also helps you gain essential business communication, professional relationship and interpersonal skills and confidence to seek an entry to this challenging yet exciting career.               

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