Monday, May 12, 2014

Software Systems Design Offering Includes Wide Range of Topics

“The unique curriculum proposed by Centennial will produce highly trained IT professionals with sound technical skills, a strong understanding of business, project management and excellent communication skills,” said the Software Human Resource Council when the Toronto college launched its Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences program.

Since then, the software systems development program officially known as Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Software Systems Design — has become a popular option among students.

It is the only program of its kind in the province and includes a focus on system design, and a blend of technology and business subjects. To ensure students are fully prepared for the field, the offering also includes three software development projects. These real-world business applications require students to utilize all the technical, systems and business skills acquired during their studies to build higher quality software. Also requiring students to apply the knowledge they have gained to the real world is the program’s industry placement. This takes place during the summer between second and third year.

Students are able to choose specialization in mobile application development or service-oriented architecture and cloud computing. Here is a look at some of the courses that prepare students to launch their careers.

Website Design and Development:
Building a website requires strategies and techniques. This course teaches students to create and develop a well-designed portable website that combines effective navigation with the balanced use of graphics, text and colour. Basic HTML and CSS skills are applied and the effects of browser and computing platform on design choices are considered.

Operating Systems Fundamentals:
Concepts that underlie modern operating systems are covered, with fundamental concepts based on those found in existing commercial operating systems such as Unix/ Linux, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft XP.

Data Structures and Algorithms:
Students attend Object Oriented Programming before attending this course. In that lead-up course, they gain a strong understanding of object-oriented technology and learn to incorporate the technology into the design of various types of applications. Meanwhile, Database Structures and Algorithms sees students explore the classical data structures and helps them to understand, analyze, and intelligently select and use the most appropriate data structures to solve a given problem.

Software Standards, Testing & Maintenance:
Software development practices — starting with requirements gathering and ending with acceptance testing — are covered. The course’s lab sessions support the course material through practical hands-on experience with documentation and tools.

Upon completion of each Software Systems Design course, students may pursue further education through agreements with Centennial College’s educational partners that allow them to use their credits. They may also launch careers as: software developers, software engineers, systems analysts, business analysts, Web application developers, IT project managers and computer programmers/analysts.

It is also worth noting that students who have already graduated with a Computer Programmer/Analyst diploma from an Ontario community college or similar program from another college/university, may be eligible to obtain this bachelor degree in Applied Information Sciences in two years rather than four.

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