Thursday, May 8, 2014

Social change starts with students in the social service worker program

Violence, poverty, health problems, and other social issues must be handled properly. The range of problems varies which gives a rise in demand for workers in social service. If you want to see a positive change in your community and the world, it starts with a social service worker program. This program will alleviate any stress and help eliminate some of the causes of problems. While an ideal society will have none of these issues, we strive to prevent things from getting worse and help give people better living conditions.

The programs can vary, depending on the organization and the needs of individuals. For example, students in schools have social workers who visit to ensure that they are learning in a harassment-free environment. Those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction can get help social workers by having visitations and plans for improving their life and deterring from their bad influencers. Many changes are needed to our society and the professionals who have the compassion and determination to carry out these duties can start from a community college. The Social Service Worker (1203) program at Centennial College offers two years of higher education in various aspects of social service.

The curriculum involves strong fundamental lessons to support advanced courses, which then relates to the working field, which students get to experience through a series of field placements. Outlines below are the highlights of the college program:
  • Analysis of human growth, with a focus on developmental psychology, is taught to enable students to understand the issues that concern a social worker's client.
  • Other than individual growth, society needs to be analyzed, along with the forces that shape it, such as political systems, economic development, technology, and the role of the media.
  • Students will practice their research skills, so they can learn about the history of different issues affecting our world today and identify patterns that can help resolve some individual problems.
  • Aside from correcting the problems, social workers must incite change by planning programs that promote equality and social justice. Students will combine theory into practice by forming a community development plan.
  • Many sessions between clients and social workers involve counselling, so students are taught proper interviewing and counselling methods. Students must learn to approach clients in the right manner to gain their trust, so they can better understand their view points and help them through their crisis.
  • Communication is critical to this profession, which includes report writing and presentation. Social workers must exude confidence in their abilities, and prepare programs that will better the lives of people. Students will learn the proper way to write reports and do presentations in social services.
  • Two field placements are saved for the final year, helping students connect their classroom discussions with the real world. Students get to experience, first-hand, the different types of oppression and injustices in the society through the eyes of their clients. With this hands-on training, students will gain better understanding of society and its needs.
The combination of academic learning and practical experience at Centennial is invaluable. Employers seek the knowledge and skills that graduates of the social service worker program have accomplished. Graduates are capable of recognizing the diverse needs of individuals, and developing strategies to promote well-being and to enhance their relationships with others and themselves.

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