Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reasons for Considering a Hospitality Foundations Program

A post-secondary hospitality foundations program can prepare you for a career in hospitality industry in just one year. You will build knowledge and skills in food fundamentals, food safety, hygiene and sanitation, geography and tourism and guest services and communications. A strong emphasis is on professional skill development along with enhancing communication competence in language strands.

Reasons for Considering a Hospitality Foundations Program

If you are passionate about commercial food production, restaurant operations, dining room practices, cooking and baking, cuisine and culture, a program in hospitality may be the right choice for you. Listed below are other reasons for why you should consider a hospitality foundations course.

Firstly, hospitality industry has been growing leaps and bounds for last few years, with no signs of slowing down. It is anticipated that it will continue to grow to become one of the highest revenue generating industries. This means that the job prospects in all hospitality sectors are excellent. The industry offers hospitality graduates with diverse career options.

Secondly, hospitality industry is vast and offers hundreds of career options to graduates. In such a scenario, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the right career path. A hospitality foundations course helps students explore various options that this industry may offer them. The program is taught by industry experts who help students choose the right career path that suits their individual goals.

Thirdly, hospitality foundations course offers a quickie credential to students who quickly want to get to the world of work and make a place for themselves in the industry. This is a one-year basic program that gives students knowledge and skills essential to seek entry-level jobs in the industry. Once they gain substantial hands-on experience, they can go back to the college and enroll into any of the hospitality degree courses.

Fourthly, the hospitality foundations program gives students the eligibility to apply for any program of their choice in the fields of hospitality, tourism and culture. They can explore which of the hospitality and tourism courses will help them achieve their specific career goals and accordingly choose their program.

Fifthly, the program comes as a right choice for those who are unaware of the professional requirements of the varied courses available in the hospitality field. They not only gain the information on this but also obtain eligibility to apply for the course of their choice.

Program Details

Centennial College's one-year hospitality and tourism courses runs for one year through two semesters, covering basic subjects including mathematics, sanitation, safety and hygiene, developing communication skills, geography and tourism, theory of food fundamentals, life skills and job readiness.

The program is delivered by experience faculty members. Students get more individualized attention and gain knowledge through specially crafted learning experiences. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on English in all aspects of the program.

This program is an "alternate offer" for those students who have applied for the Centennial College's post-secondary programs in the areas of hospitality, tourism and culture but do not meet admission requirements. The applicants cannot directly apply to this program.

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