Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Marketing Research Analysts – Entering the Job Market

Market research and analysis is all about organizing research surveys for companies, and then analyzing and interpreting the results, preparing reports and making recommendations based on this research. Marketing researchers and analysts help organizations determine the needs of customers, their buying behaviour, and the price they are willing to pay. In addition, their recommendations play a significant role in determining product design and choosing appropriate promotion and advertising tools.

A large number of companies, nowadays, rely on the findings of a market research, so that they can wisely allocate their advertising dollars. The employment for market researchers is expected to grow in the coming years, as companies seek to expand their market share by making informed decisions. However, competition in the job market is likely to be fiercer, despite improving career prospects. Individuals with advanced education and relevant experience should have higher chances of getting decent paying jobs.

How to Enter the Job Market?

If you are interested in becoming a market researcher or a market analyst, you must possess strong understanding in the areas of marketing, statistics, data mining and analysis, computer applications and business studies. You are also expected to be skilled in questionnaire designing, interviewing techniques, data analysis and interpretation and project management.

Aside from this, you must be good at critical analysis, problem solving and working under pressure. The marketing analytics also require being good at communicating with both clients and consumers. You also need to possess an awareness and understanding of cultural diversity, which plays a crucial role in consumer buying behaviour.

The primary requirement to seek entry-level jobs in the industry is to undergo a specialized education. A post graduate certification in marketing research analytics may put you on the right path, helping you achieve your career goals. You will build strong fundamentals in business communications, marketing, marketing research, statistics, marketing research and analysis, case analysis and marketing metrics, database mining and analytics, interactive marketing and project management.

You will also learn to use different research methodologies and obtain skills necessary to conduct surveys and identify industry trends. In addition, you will be exposed to computer software, such as SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner and Environics Analytics Envision Software.

Where to Study Marketing Research Analysis in Toronto?

Centennial College’s marketing research course consists of a mixture of lectures, labs and hands-on training. You will learn how to design questionnaires, manage data, control quality and create statistical output. The program also includes case studies, simulations, and projects, in order to help you gain project management, team work, report writing, analytical and presentation skills.

You also receive an Ontario Graduate Certificate from the college, along with Certificates of Recognition from SAS and Environics Canada, on completion of specified courses. Upon course completion, you can choose to either pursue your career or apply your academic rewards towards further study at any of the associated university, college or institution.

Enrollment Guide

You may send your application to the college, along with a copy of your college diploma (three-year) or university degree (three-four years) and a proof of English proficiency. Your application will also be considered if you have completed a two-year college diploma or partial university degree and have a minimum of two years work experience relevant to the program.

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