Thursday, May 29, 2014

Information on Post-Secondary Construction and Maintenance Electrician Programs in Canada

The two-year post-secondary Electrician: Construction and Maintenance - Electrical Engineering Technician program at Centennial College is a co-op diploma apprenticeship program that educates and trains students in as apprentices in electrician trade. The focus is on helping students
  • Gain thorough understanding in electrical engineering sciences
  • Understand the operation of electrical motors
  • Learn to test power equipment and systems
  • Learn to troubleshoot electrical circuits and devices and systems
  • Learn to assess the performance of electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial complexes
  • Develop ability to install electrical systems in buildings
With the increased dependence on electrical systems and devices, the demand for professionals to install, maintain and troubleshoot them has also increased. They are expected to be able to work on traditional as well new equipment and devices with equal ease and comfort. However, there is a technical skills shortage in Canada. The Electrical Engineering Technician - Construction and Maintenance program is designed to fill this skill gap by educating and training individuals who are interested in building a career in this field.

The program graduates, construction and maintenance electricians, will be able to work on various electrical systems and install, maintain, troubleshoot, repair and replace them. Moreover, they will also develop good communication skills and excellent understanding of Canadian electrical code and ethics in technology environment. This prepares them to take up front-end jobs and deal directly with the clients.

Program Highlights


Centennial College's two-year program in construction and maintenance electrician covers a wide range of subjects in electrical code and prints, installation methods, electrical theory, monitoring systems, AutoCAD, network and adv control systems, power generation and distribution, and ethics in technology and environment. The program combines theory and lab experience and takes a project approach to learning and stimulating actual workplace assignments.

Co-op Work Placement Component

As mentioned earlier, it is co-op diploma apprenticeship program, which allows students to gain work experience in a paid co-op placement. The college also assists students with sourcing of and preparation for co-op work placement opportunities. The focus is on helping students make their co-op work experience as meaningful as possible.

The program graduates can pursue their careers as construction and maintenance technicians in the areas of installation, service, repairs, sales and design. They are well-versed in:
  • Canadian electrical code usage
  • Reading and creating blueprints
  • Working on power generation and distribution equipment
  • Business communication
  • Controlling quality
  • Repairing electrical systems
Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for this program, interested students can send a completed application form along with supporting documents, such as a copy of secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent, and scores in English grade 12 C or University or equivalent and Mathematics grade 11 M, 12 C or University or equivalent. Applicants are required to complete a questionnaire to assess co-op employability and attend a mandatory information session to discuss the questionnaire answers. With this, they must be able to work as apprentices in Ontario. International student applying for this course must get a credential evaluation done by an independent evaluator.

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