Monday, May 12, 2014

Hospitality Services Program Prepares You for Diverse Careers in Hospitality

If you’re considering a career in hospitality, this is perhaps the best time to get into the world of work. The industry offers numerous job opportunities in a variety of sectors, including food and beverages, accommodation, tourism, event management, kitchen operations, purchases and cost control, safety and sanitation and so on, at all levels of management.

The demand for hospitality professionals has increased significantly in the past few years. Despite this, the job market has grown more competitive. It’s really difficult to build a rewarding career in this field without any specialized education. If you’ve earned a diploma, certification or a degree program in hospitality management, you can find a decent paying job with a reputable organization.

Hospitality Courses in Toronto

Centennial College Toronto offers numerous post-secondary and post-graduate hospitality courses. However, if you aim to quickly get to the world of work, you may consider enrolling in a one-year post-secondary hospitality services program. It is short yet intensive course that provides you training through classroom instruction, and two-days-per-week industry placement in each semester. You not only gain solid theoretical grounding in front desk operations, housekeeping, beverage and food services, but you also get practical hands-on experience to complement your theoretical understanding.

The one-year program runs through two semesters and covers a wide range of subjects. The first semester introduces you to must-have communication skills for hospitality service workers. With this, you build strong fundamentals in visitor information services, room attendant and “Front of the House Agent”. You’re also taught basic Math for hospitality and gain life skills. The second semester focuses on beverage services, safety and sanitation, and kitchen and dining room operations.

The Centennial Difference

The hospitality college offer numerous additional benefits to you.
  • The program is delivered by knowledgeable faculty who have strong academic and industry backgrounds.
  • You’re also taught job seeking techniques, including job interview and resume skills.
  • The program also includes much-required computer training.
  • You also have the opportunity to take certification exams in Beverage Services and Sanitation.
  • The program opens doors to numerous front and backend job opportunities and offers strong employment prospects. In addition, you can look forward to job opportunities, both locally and internationally, in kitchen operations; beverage services front desk operations and food service.
  • The college has a restaurant laboratory where you can gain hands-on training and put your learning into practice.
The hospitality program offers variety within the curriculum, which leads to employment in different sectors of this industry. You may find employment with hotels, restaurants, resorts, camps, travel companies, event management companies, travel lodges, and so on.

Enrollment Guide

This program is open for students who have completed their secondary education and Grade 12 Workplace level English. If you’re looking to quickly get to the world of work, you may send your completed application form to the college, supported with a copy of secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent and a proof of English proficiency. The application can be submitted in person, via mail or online.

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