Wednesday, May 28, 2014

College Courses Prepare You For An Array of Options

Attending college allows you to enjoy a form of learning that doesn’t limit you in your options. There is no rule that says you must enter the workforce right after you graduate if, for example, you want to pursue further education. On the other hand, if you want to get into the field quicker than you first anticipated, certain college programs may offer you that option.

As such, it is safe to say that college courses prepare students for various options that make the learning experience more personalized and specifically tailored. Here is a look at Centennial College that will help you to understand how courses at a college level can work for you.

Career: All courses, no matter your ultimate goal, are designed to prepare you for a career. At Centennial College, this is achieved through a practical approach to education. As such, courses offer an ideal balance between theory-based lectures and application to ensure that students are fully grasping concepts.

Career Upgrade: Courses in Fast-Track programs or those within the School of Continuing Education are completed in a shorter amount of time because they are geared at those with some sort of experience in the field or a previous post-secondary education. Either way, it is expected that mature students are looking to upgrade or switch their career paths so all of the courses are more specialized and in-depth compared to courses geared at students coming out of high school.

More specialized programs: Some courses at Centennial College serve to offer students a foundation so that they may excel once they enter a more specialized program. These courses are geared towards students who may not yet have decided what educational or career path they want to choose, or those who do not have the credentials required to enter the program of their choice. Through these courses, they are prepared to take on the college or university environment with confidence and a base.

University Preparation: Another type of course at college level serves to prepare students for further training at university level. These courses are presented within joint programs, which see students spending some of their time at the college campus and then switching over to a partner university. At Centennial College, students can attend collaborative or joint programs with Ryerson University and the University of Toronto in nursing, applied microbiology, environmental science and technology, journalism, new media studies and paramedicine. They get practical and technical strengths of a college diploma and the theoretical foundations of a four-year bachelor degree.

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