Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Serve Humanity with a Social Service Worker Program

What can be more fulfilling than assisting people in resolving their personal and family problems and enhancing their general well-being? When this tender feeling of empathizing with others is combined with a carefully outlined educational program, it fosters learning that genuinely prepares youngsters to help people improve the quality of life.

And this is exactly what a social service worker program does. It is a professional course that prepares students to develop skills and understanding to serve the society and act as agents of social change. The students are trained to be critical social practitioners, a social service worker, committed to social justice.

Need for Professionally Trained Social Service Workers

Social workers make significant contributions to society by helping individuals, families, groups and communities developing their skills and abilities to resolve their problems. They offer direct-care services to the needy in resolving various issues, such as relationship problems, domestic violence, child abuse, poverty, divorce, mental health issues and other everyday problems.

There are organizations that extend help and assistance to individuals and families. But lack of professionalism and understanding about social problems makes them less effective in their approach. This is where the need for professionally trained social workers arises.

Social Service Worker Program

A social service worker program offers students a range of career options who want to make significant contribution to society. The program combines the knowledge about values and ideologies that contribute to the construction of social problems, human psychology and community service.

Graduates work with different settings such as shelters, schools, housing programs, group homes, mental health, child welfare organizations, hospitals, advocacy coalition, employee assistance programs, correctional facilities and community centers. The exact role of a social worker depends on the organization he/she works for.

The program helps students demonstrate the ability to
  • Identify challenges of individuals, families and groups
  • Recognize diverse needs of people and availability of resources
  • Understand current economic and social system
  • Assist needy in achieving their goals
  • Develop plans and strategies to help people enhance the quality of their lives
  • Advocate for apt access to resources to assist the needy
  • Ensure social justice regardless of class, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and ability
  • Act as agents for social change
The two-year post secondary diploma includes classroom lectures, field seminars and field placements. The graduates can either pursue their careers or apply for further studies after completion of the program. You can apply with public colleges in Ontario, if you're planning to study in Canada. You need to have a secondary school diploma and English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. A criminal reference check is also conducted by the agencies associated with the colleges.

The course is one of its kinds and provides students with employment opportunities where they can work full-time as well as part time. It prepares students to work in a variety of settings where they really can touch human lives. They can help people in distress develop skills and abilities to use their own and community resources to resolve the problems.

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