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Community Development Programs in Canada

A community development program is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates economics, politics, social science, research and an understanding of cultural diversity. This is a post-secondary program that typically runs for two years, helping students build sustainable careers in the areas of
  • Building community capacity
  • Promoting sustainable community
  • Managing/directing community economic development initiatives
  • Social planning
  • Promoting social and economic development of communities
  • Social change
  • Challenging oppression and discrimination
The students are taught that there is no one road map to community development practice that applies universally. This is why, social planning needs to be done, depending upon the specific requirements of people in a community.

Community Development Programs in Toronto

The job of a community development professional can be very challenging. Therefore, only genuinely interested candidates should only consider it as a career option and enrol into a community development education program.

There are several colleges in Canada that offer post-secondary community development programs to students. Unfortunately, not all offer them opportunities to practice their acquired knowledge in real world fieldwork settings.

Centennial College offer students opportunities to work in two separate real world fieldwork settings, domestic and/or international, under the supervision of community practitioners during the tenure of the program. They work in communities to understand their problems, challenge social and economic injustice, and advocate for change strategies.

Community Development Program Details

This program is aimed at helping students build strong theoretical foundations and gain hands-on-experience in community development. It covers a wide range of subjects, including:
  • Theoretical foundations in community development
  • Sustainable community development
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Social psychology
  • Foundations of community based research
  • Community economic development
  • Community engagement and participation
  • Global citizenship: from social analysis to social action
  • Community development in action
  • Global perspectives in community development
  • Community development policy
  • Business essentials
The program incorporates classroom learning, seminars, and two separate field placements.

Program Benefits

The graduates of this program can find employment with
  • Government
  • Voluntary organizations
  • Corporations
  • International community settings
  • Philanthropy organizations
They are capable of
  • Mediating and settling the matters of conflict
  • Raising funds for community development
  • Researching and identifying the needs of a community
  • Challenging oppression and discrimination practices
  • Encouraging locals to fight for their rights
The graduates of this program develop a strong understanding of
  • How social systems work
  • How some social practices contribute to social injustice and inequality
  • How important the participation of people is to bring a social change
  • How important it is to put continuous efforts to bring a sustainable social change
  • How conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time and in the right manner is crucial
Admission Requirements 

 In order to apply for this program, students will need:
  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent
Students currently in high school can also apply for this program. Their midterm and final term grades will be automatically transferred to the college.

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