Sunday, April 27, 2014

Community College Creates Valuable Experiences through Its Various Locations

At Centennial College, no matter what program you choose to attend, you will study in classrooms that are outfitted to your offering and include tools of the trade to ensure you are ready for this field.

This Community College offers a very unique layout to students, with four main campuses scattered across the east end of the city. Each campus houses one or two Schools of Study and boasts classrooms that are fully equipped to offer students a hands-on experience. Here is a closer look at each campus.

Progress Campus:
  • As Centennial College's largest location, this space houses School of Business and School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture programs.
  • For students of the School of Business, this centrally located campus offers training with the latest software that they will experience in the industry.
  • The School of Business students also benefit because the campus is located near a wide array of businesses at which they often intern or are placed as field placement students.
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Culture program attendees benefit from a wide array of on-campus facilities that offer real world experiences. Among these facilities is a real restaurant, which allows students to not only learn the ins and outs of the kitchen but also take on serving customers in real time. Another facility located at Progress Campus is a student-run conference centre that includes meeting rooms and spaces that students must set up for a range of events.
Morningside Campus:
  • This is the technological hub of Centennial College. It caters to students of the School of Engineering, Technology and Applied Science (ETAS) as well as the School of Community and Health Studies.
  • For students in the ETAS programs, there are labs in which experiments can be conducted. For example, students of the Medical Laboratory Technician program learn to collect blood samples and perform ECGs.
  • Students of the Community and Health Studies courses, meanwhile, literally have mock environments that are meant to imitate the real world. As such, nursing students practice in mock hospital rooms; Paramedic students learn on ambulances; Massage Therapy students massage on real tables; Esthetician students have an entire spa to learn from and the list goes on.
Story Arts Centre:
  • Exclusively designed for students of the School of Communication, Media and Design, this campus is a hub of traditional and modern creative programs.
  • Large art studios benefit students of Art and Foundation Studies and Fine Arts Studio.
  • Modern newsrooms are designed for Journalism and Broadcasting and Film students. These newsrooms come equipped with cameras, Teleprompters and much more.
  • All students benefit from the latest software, including software that is essential to teaching students in programs such as Game and Art Design the very latest know-how.
Ashtonbee Campus:
  • This campus serves two purposes. First, it is the hub for all School of Transportation programs. Secondly, it also boasts foundational programs that serve as stepping-stones to further education.
  • For students in the School of Transportation, the benefit of studying at the campus is immense, as this is the largest transportation training centre in Canada.
  • The campus boasts not only mock garages filled with cars that have been donated for a range of programs but also a real-sized airport hangar with planes on which aviation students work.

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