Thursday, April 17, 2014

Career Options for Hotel Management Graduates

The perception about hospitality industry seems to be changing as it’s not only contributing to the world economy to a great extent but is also offering diverse career options to new graduates. Previously considered as an occupation just about food and drink, it has come a long way and has expanded to client servicing, human resources management, culinary expertise, and management and leadership.

The truth is that the hotel industry nowadays offers a lot many opportunities to interested individuals, allowing them to learn and experiment and be creative and innovative. This is now one of the fastest growing industries in Canada and the rest of the world. Moreover, the pay packages are good.

Those with specialized hotel management education can seek employment with hotels, restaurants, resorts, airlines, camps and cruises as well as establish their own retail food businesses. The career options are unlimited. The professionals can be engaged in front office operations, sales and marketing, accounting, food and beverage, catering, financial management, convention management and other back-end operations. They can also be engaged in accommodation operations, food service, strategy, cost analysis and control and quantity food production.

Studying Hotel Management

A hotel management program equips students with the knowledge and skills required to work in hotel industry. They are given an understanding of interrelationships between departments that drive performance in resort and hotel industry. They are also taught

  • How to prepare and present quality food and beverages
  • How to be effective and efficient while handling hotel operations
  • The principles of financial planning and cost control
  • How to sell, market and promote hospitality products
  • To analyze the interdependence between various hospitality sectors
  • To provide healthy, safe and well-maintained environment
  • To expand hospitality experience to customers
  • To assist in decision making at operational level
  • To remain motivated and encourage and motivate team members

The students, in addition, study a wide range of subjects, including business communications, kitchen and dining room facilities, sanitation, safety and hygiene, beverage knowledge and bartending, front office operations, hospitality accounting, hospitality and tourism marketing, hotel sales and marketing, housekeeping and facilities management, food, beverage and labour cost controls, hospitality and tourism and law and security.

Good colleges also offer students with industry field placements during the term of the program, enabling them to put their learning into practice, gain hands-on experience and build a professional network. They also offer complete assistance to students in seeking employment.

Choosing the Right College

Although a number of colleges in Canada offer hospitality programs but Centennial College’s Hospitality Management – Hotel and Resort offers distinctive benefits to students. It

  • Is accredited to UNWTO TedQual.
  • Incorporates industry field placement in semester four.
  • Allows graduates to apply their credit rewards towards further studies at the university to obtain a hotel management degree.
  • Is completed in 16 months instead of two years
  • Helps students in converting their internships into jobs

Students interested in applying for this program will need to submit their secondary school education certificate and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent.

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