Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Business Marketing Program Covers Topics With Interactive Approach

To enter and grow in the world of marketing — which employs almost a third of all North Americans — one must start by launching a career in an entry-level profession such as sales representative, customer service representative, product consultant, merchandising assistant, and merchandising supervisor. Opportunities exist in both small and large businesses across many industries — financial services, electronics, food and beverage, the not-for-profit sector and the government. At the base of these roles, no matter the industry, is the idea that marketing professionals are the critical connection between an organization or company and its customers. That’s because all marketing professionals answer questions such as: To whom does the company cater? What are customers’ needs? In what way can those needs be met? What sort of prices, packaging of products and promotion will ensure that customers are happy?

In Canada, either a business marketing degree or diploma is a respected credential. The latter can be earned at Centennial College through its two-year Business – Marketing offering, which focuses on providing students with the knowledge to answer the above questions. This is achieved through a comprehensive curriculum that establishes a business base before moving onto more specialized marketing topics. As such, students spend the first three semesters attending business courses that are common among other School of Business programs. These ensure that students are familiar with areas such as accounting, operations, organizational behaviour and international business — all of which are essential to understanding the marketing world. Once students have a base, they are introduced to marketing theory and case-based problem solving, as well as marketing communications (which includes advertising and promotion) and professional selling practices. Among the specific courses in which students of this offering partake are: Mathematics of Finance, Business Operations, Microcomputer Applications Software, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Marketing, Practical Applications in Marketing, Professional Selling, Marketing Communications and more. The objective of teaching including these areas is to ensure students leave with creative, practical decision-making skills and clear, persuasive communications skills.

As with many of Centennial College’s programs, this undertaking prides itself on an approach that includes various interactive features. These aspects are meant to offer students hands-on practice that will ensure they graduate with confidence. Among the practical features of this offering are: case studies, guest lectures, presentations, projects and computer simulations and technologies.

Students interested in furthering their education in Centennial College’s other Business Marketing Programs in Ontario have the opportunity to do so. That’s because all four semesters of Centennial’s two-year Marketing program are identical to the first four semesters of the three-year, six-semester program. This permits graduates of Centennial’s two-year Marketing program to benefit from a seamless transition into the three-year Marketing program.

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