Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Building Careers in Strategic Management in Accounting in Canada

Strategic management accounting is more than just accounting and involves making strategic financial decisions and executing them successfully, in order to manage risks, increase returns on investments, improve current financial standing of the organization and explore additional revenue sources. This type of accounting not only focuses on the internal factors but also considers external factors that can affect company’s financial standing. Its ultimate aim is to increase the profitability of a business while creating and maintaining its image among shareholders, stockholders and general public.

Strategic Management in Accounting
is a dedicated field that focuses on

  • Managerial accounting
  • Financial policies of a company
  • Financial decision making
  • Financial management
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Financial risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Auditing
  • Value building
  • Corporate Governance
It is a comprehensive field that covers all key areas of management and emphasizes more on managerial and leadership practices than general administration. Accounting managers engaged in strategic decision making play a critical role in the viability and growth of business.

Studying Strategic Management Accounting in Canada

Those who are looking to seek more advanced career opportunities in the field of accounting or want to build careers in financial management may consider enrolling in a graduate certificate strategic management – accounting program. It helps them gain knowledge and skills required to build rewarding careers in this field.

The program graduates can seek employment in a large number of business settings, including government offices, financial institutions, corporate houses, public accounting firms, service industries, manufacturing firms and small businesses as business analysts, financial analysts, assistant controllers, accounting supervisors, accounting managers or controllers. They can also choose to be self-employed.

Program Content

The strategic management programs in accounting offer an in-depth understanding in the areas of management accounting, financial accounting, strategy development, taxation and auditing. The students study a wide range of finance and management related subjects, including accounting theory and policy, information systems for business management, accounting for managerial decision making, operations management for products and services, contemporary organizational behaviour, values and ethics, stakeholder management, and crafting and executing strategy.

Centennial College’s one-year postgraduate program in strategic management – accounting makes extensive use of case studies and simulations, offers hands-on technology applications and places strong focus on leading-edge management and leadership practices. It is delivered by professors who possess strong business and management experience.

The program graduates can choose to either pursue their careers upon course completion or apply their credit rewards towards further study. They can enroll in a degree program at the university. This will prepare them for more advanced career opportunities in this field.

How to Apply for This Program?

Graduates in any discipline are eligible to apply for this program. They can send their applications to the college along with a copy of three-year college diploma or four year university degree certificate and proof of English proficiency. Candidates with partial post-secondary education can also be considered for this program. But they need to have a college diploma or partial university degree in accounting and must possess minimum two years of relevant experience.

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