Monday, April 14, 2014

Building a Career in the Canadian Financial Services Sector

Continuous growth in financial services sector is increasing the demand for licensed professionals who can promote, and market and sell mutual funds and other financial instruments. The investments in these financial instruments have gone really high as the baby boomers generation is set for retirement. This brings a good opportunity for those who wish to quickly get to the financial services sector and build rewarding careers in the areas of marketing and selling of mutual funds.

Although the employment opportunities are increasing constantly in this sector but the competition in the job market is also getting fiercer day by day. The industry is more marketing-focused and competitive than ever. On the top of it, the factors like advances in technology and a global financial environment have added to the competition.

Therefore, individuals looking to build a career in this field need to develop strong understanding about mutual funds, shares, bonds and other financial products, coupled with excellent marketing, sales, business and communication skills. They are expected to equip themselves with the qualifications and skills sought by the employers.

Financial Services Fundamentals Education

A formal education in financial services fundamentals is the first step in developing essential knowledge and skills for working in this field. This is a one-year post-secondary program in which students study a wide selection of subjects, including Canadian Financial Services, Financial Accounting, Mathematics of Finance, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Finance, Canadian Investment Funds and Professional Selling. The graduates are prepared to work in a highly competitive business and advanced technological environment.

The financial service training in Ontario is typically delivered by experienced faculty members who have a strong background in academics as well as the financial services industry. The additional benefit is that the program also includes a course leading to a license to sell mutual funds. Upon graduation, the students can pursue their careers at banks, credit unions, investment fund companies and financial planning organizations.

Apart from this, the qualified graduates are also allowed to apply their credit rewards towards a more advanced course in financial services. This not only helps them enhance their qualifications but also enables them to pursue more lucrative and advanced careers in the field.

How to Enroll in a Post-Secondary Financial Services Fundamentals Program?

Students who have completed their secondary education or have achieved a mature student status are eligible to apply for this program. They can send their applications to the college of their choice along with a copy of Secondary School Diploma certificate or equivalent, and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 11 or 12 C or University or equivalent. Those who do not meet these requirements can take college’s English and Math skills assessments for admission.

Where to Study Financial Services Fundamentals in Canada?

Centennial College Toronto offers one-year intense program in financial services which includes a course leading to a license to sell mutual funds. The best part is that the program couples the financial education with business, communication and marketing and selling skills, focusing on an all-round development of students. Furthermore, it offers graduates with an opportunity to continue their education into the two-year program where they can enhance their qualifications in one additional year.

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