Friday, April 18, 2014

Benefits of Foundation Certificate Course in Hospitality and Tourism

The foundations certificate in hospitality and tourism provides a route to a diploma or a degree program if you don't have the qualifications to enroll into a course at college or university. It may also be a good choice if you
  • Have not studied subjects (in your high school) essential to become eligible for a college or university program
  • Are unaware of the hospitality and tourism courses available at colleges and institutes in Canada and their scopes
  • Do not have sufficient understanding of the various career paths in hospitality and tourism industry
  • The benefits of foundation programs in hospitality and tourism are that these
  • Lay a strong emphasis on the use of English in all their aspects. As proficiency in English is the major criterion to be employed in Canada, these courses help students further develop their English language skills.
  • Are delivered by experienced professors who help students understand various career options available in this field.
  • Include specially crafted learning experiences in the areas of hospitality, tourism and culture.
  • Offer individualized attention to participants, as class sizes are small.
  • Help students enhance their language standards and communication competence
Program Details

The hospitality and tourism foundations programs typically run for one year through two semesters. The focus is on providing students with the basic understanding of geography and tourism, theory of food fundamentals, sanitation, safety and hygiene, mathematics, life skills, communication skills development and job readiness.

As these are foundations programs, thus, do not include any advanced courses related to either hospitality or tourism. The focus is on helping students understand the industry and various career options it offers them.

In order to apply for foundations courses in tourism and hospitality, students will need to fill and application form and submit required documents, such as a copy of secondary school diploma certificate or mature applicant status and scores in English Skills Assessment conducted by the college. Applicants with scores 130 or 131 in English can begin this program. However, the applications may or may not be sent directly to the colleges. Each college has a different procedure for inviting applications.

Studying Hospitality and Tourism Foundations in Canada

There are a number of colleges offering foundations courses in tourism and hospitality in Canada. However, most colleges offer this program as an "alternate offer" for individuals who apply to their post-secondary programs in the areas of hospitality, tourism and culture, but do not meet admission requirements. Therefore, applicants must carefully research about the course and choose a college where they would want to apply for a post-secondary program after the completion of the foundations course.

Centennial College is considered as one of the most prestigious educational institutions for studying culture, tourism and hospitality. All their courses are recognized and offer a combination of classroom learning and real world experience through industry field placements.

In addition, the college has tie-ups with other universities where students are eligible to apply for advanced hospitality degree courses after completing their college diploma. Moreover, the college provides excellent placement opportunities to graduates of culture, heritage, tourism and hospitality programs.

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