Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arts and Design Foundation Programs in Canada

Art and Design Foundation Studies is a foundational program that helps you build critical basics for a career in art and design, while allowing you to explore various aspects of the industry and diverse careers it offers. If you are keen in building a career in creative industries or want to hone your artistic talent, this program provides you a perfect start and prepares you for articulated programs or further studies with universities, professional associations and institutions.

The goal of the program is to help you unleash your hidden talent and nurture it, while helping you create a comprehensive portfolio of your artwork required for admission to various arts program. The best part is that it is a multidisciplinary program that covers a wide range of subjects, including digital imaging, drawing, visual design fundamentals, visual culture, colour studio, digital art and design studio, 3D art and design studio and time-based art and design.

Program Highlights

The art and design foundational program

  • Is broadly-based and covers both traditional and digital media
  • Helps students examine traditional and digital arts and design
  • Develops a familiarity with digital media complemented with a practical understanding of 3D art and design, colour theory
  • Is a comprehensive and rigorous program which is visual art studio-based
  • Helps students gain new creative and practical skills
  • Bridges the gap between school education and college requirements for arts and design programs
  • Helps become eligible for college-level programs in interactive digital media, digital animation, game design, fine arts studio product and industrial design and graphic design-media

Program Details

The foundational program in art and design is a post-secondary program which runs for one year through two semesters. It covers a wide selection of subjects ranging from drawing and design to interactive design and digital imaging.

The program combines classroom learning and professional practice, allowing students to put their learning into practice and gain a practical understanding of art and design industry. The focus is on helping students develop a portfolio of artwork required for admission in various art and design courses at the college or university.

Who Can Take This Program?

A program in art and design is the right choice for those who:

  • Do not meet eligibility requirements for specialized arts programs at the college
  • Need to create an artwork portfolio for applying to college level programs in arts and design
  • Need to build essential basics in arts and design to seek admission in the program of their choice
  • Want to explore diverse career options that arts and design industry offer

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have completed their secondary school education are eligible to apply for this program. They need to send their applications with all the supporting required by the college, such as a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent.

Where to Study Arts and Design Foundation in Canada?

Centennial College Toronto offers a one-year post-secondary certificate program in arts and design foundation. The program at the art design college has been crafted by the industry leaders. This means that the program curriculum is current, practical and always hands-on. Furthermore, Centennial College graduates have greater access to specialized programs due to college’s increasing number of agreements with other colleges.

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