Thursday, March 13, 2014

System Software Designer: Job Description and Education Requirements

The internet and software applications have irrevocably changed the way data is exchanged, communication is made and information is shared. Networks, systems and applications now handle communication functions to a great extent.

The continuous advancement in internet technologies and software systems is resulting in an increased demand for software specialists. Not only this, new and more unique job opportunities are coming up.

Companies are constantly looking for software specialists who can help them stay current with these developments as well as upgrade their software applications and computer systems, as and when required. They are also looking for talented and experienced professionals who can help them build more sophisticated software systems, meeting their internal as well as clients’ needs.

  • On the whole, software systems specialists are expected to
  • Review current systems and assist employers in system improvements while keeping the costs low
  • Determine the technological needs of organizations
  • Brainstorm what system designs might meet specific needs of a company
  • Develop an idea for system upgrade or new system development
  • Produce detailed specifications
  • Work with analysts, program developers, designers and other technology staff
  • Write product codes
  • Test and troubleshoot new or upgraded system
  • Prepare training manuals
  • Maintain existing and newly developed software systems

Along with technical skills, they are also expected to possess business skills, as they may require to

  • Communicate with the clients
  • Market their products and services
  • Promote technology products
  • Write technical specifications and utility of the products

Building Careers in Software Systems Development

Most employers want to hire professionals who have at least undergone a college-level technical education. Although a number of diploma and degree programs in software systems design are offered by the colleges in Canada but a degree course increases the chances of getting a decent paying job with an organization of repute.

The professionals are expected to have solid fundamentals and hands-on experience in computer architecture, software development programming, website design and development, object oriented programming, systems analysis and design, database design and modeling, internet programming, software testing and maintenance, architecting database solutions, and quality assurance.

Software Systems Development Programs

Centennial College’s four-year bachelor degree program in applied information sciences – software systems design is a right choice for aspiring software developers, software engineers, systems analysts, business analysts, web application developers, IT project managers, computer programmers and analysts.

The program is the only of its kind in the province of Ontario, which has a unique focus on system design, a blend of technology, and business subjects and industry placement. The program places emphasis on advanced software standards and management, and also provides specialization in cloud computing and service-oriented architecture or mobile application development.

The software systems development in Toronto program incorporates classroom learning and three software development projects, enabling students put their technical, systems and business understanding into practice. It also includes a work term between second and third year.

Admission Details

To apply for this program, students are required to submit secondary school diploma or equivalent, and scores of English Grade 12 University with scores 65 % or higher, one Grade 12 Mathematics (Math Grade 12U Advanced Functions or Math Grade 12U calculus and Vectors or Math Grade 12U with Mathematics of Data Management or equivalent) with grade 60% or higher and six Grade 12 U, Grade 12M, or OAC credits with an overall average of 65% or higher.

Mature applicants will need to provide transcripts showing English Grade 12U, OAC or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 12U, 12M or equivalent, and a resume detailing work experience.

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