Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Become a Marketing Research Analyst?

Market research and analysis helps organizations define their target market, assess their customers’ changing preferences and weigh up the competition. It aids decision making and strategy development. So, no matter whether an organization is planning to launch a new product or expand the reach of an existing product, market research helps it assess the current market trends and build the right strategy.

As the business world is growing more competitive day by day, the demand for marketing research professionals is increasing. Previously, they were employed at a higher management level. However, nowadays they are employed at almost all levels of management, depending upon their knowledge, skills and experience.

Although the career opportunities are bright for them but the job market is more competitive than ever. Employers are keen on hiring professionals who have undergone specialized college education and have relevant hands-on experience. Even for entry level jobs in marketing research analytics, the professionals are expected to have undergone a formal education and training in this field.

Marketing Research and Analytics Programs

A postgraduate marketing research course is considered as the minimum requirement to enter the world of work. The program teaches them the techniques used to data mine and extract valuable knowledge about competitors and customers in a market setting. They also learn research methodologies and gain skills necessary to conduct effective surveys and statistical analysis, and identify industry trends and consumer behaviour.

A marketing research and analytics program covers a wide range of subjects including marketing analysis and planning, fundamentals of marketing research, statistics for marketing research, computer applications for marketing analytics, case analysis and marketing metrics, database mining and analytics, fundamentals of interactive marketing, and fundamentals of project management.

Where to Study Marketing – Research and Analytics in Canada?

There are many colleges in Canada that offer one-year postgraduate programs in market research and analytics. However, all may not be recognized. Centennial College’s marketing research analytics program graduates receive an Ontario Graduate Certificate from the college along with the Certificates of Recognition from SAS and Environics Canada.

In addition to this, the program incorporates a mixture of lectures and labs where students are exposed to SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner. The students also get hands-on experience on leading software solutions used in research and Analytics field and develop comprehensive profiles of selected target markets by working on Environics Analytics Envision software.

Apart from this, students learn to design questionnaires, manipulate data, control quality create statistical output and develop programs. They also have complete access to full suite of Microsoft products, including Microsoft CRM, Excel and PowerPoint.

Centennial College’s program in marketing research and analytics makes use of learner-centered approaches, including project-based learning, simulations, case studies, teamwork, analytical, report writing, presentations and project management.

Applying for a Postgraduate Marketing – Research and Analytics Program

For being able to apply for a postgraduate marketing-research and analytics program, interested individuals need to submit an application along with a three-year college diploma or university degree. Individuals with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years) with minimum two years of relevant experience are also eligible for the program. All applicants are required to submit a proof of English proficiency and must undergo a numeracy skills assessment.

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